The Tools Button in WordPress

In this quick demonstration I show you what the Tools Button can do for your WordPress website. Upgrade, export and import your website!


How to Use Plugins in WordPress

In this WordPress tutorial I demonstrate how to install, activate and setup plugins.


Modifying Your WordPress Header

The header on your WordPress website can be easily tweaked.


Working with WordPress Widgets

Learn how to change the sidebar(s) on your WordPress website with simple drag and drop widgets.


Installing and Swapping WordPress Themes

Learn how to change and add themes to your WordPress website with this simple tutorial.


WordPress Advanced Comment Settings

Change how comments are moderated and more with this tutorial.


Approving and Editing WordPress Comments

In this WordPress tutorial I show you how to work with comments that have been submitted by your viewers.


Adding and Editing WordPress Links

In this tutorial I show you how to add, edit and categorize links on your WordPress website.


The WordPress Media Library

In this tutorial I show you how to use the WordPress Media Library.


Working with WordPress Categories

Learn what categories are and how they can benefit your WordPress website.


Using WordPress Tags

In this WordPress lesson I focus in on what tags are and how to use them in your posts.


How to Create and Edit WordPress Posts

In this demonstration I overview the process of posting content to your WordPress website. Learn how to categorize, tag, insert media and more.


How to Update Your WordPress Profile

In this lesson I show you how to change your password and edit other aspects of your admin profile.


How to Install WordPress

In this first lesson I go over the process of installing WordPress the traditional way. You will need web space and some FTP software to achieve this.


How to Merge Layers in Adobe Flash

This tutorial teaches an easy trick on how to merge two or more layers in any version of Adobe Flash.