Tips To Help You Get More YouTube Views

By Eric W. It seems that everyone and their mothers are posting videos on YouTube these days. Because of this, the competition for getting viewers and subscribers to your channel is extremely fierce and most videos get little to no hits at all. If you need some helpful tips to help you get more YouTube […]

Adobe Premiere Pro

A Round Up of Major Video Editing Software

By Smith Johny There is a lot of video editing software floating around the web. These all have different features, price points, and some are difficult to use. Whether you’re a novice or a professional you can take advantage of a wealth of good software out there. We’re going to offer a quick overview of […]


The Motion Editor in Adobe Flash

In this simple tutorial I show you how to use the Motion Editor in conjunction with Motion Tweening.


Final Cut Pro Editing Starts Before the Shooting Stops – Tips to First Time Filmmakers

By Andrew Montlack In the past decade, digital video, Final Cut Pro, and YouTube have made film making accessible to anyone with a video camera and a Mac. In the 90′s, the budget for a shoestring feature could run tens of thousands of dollars; today that same feature could be shot so cheaply it would […]


How to Add Music to YouTube Videos

By Dan O YouTube and Google Video are two of the popular websites for video sharing, but there are also a slew of other sites where users can upload videos they create or videos they want to share, such as Metacafe and DailyMotion. Now, how do you go about adding music to the videos you […]


What is HTML5?

By Jay Yaskiw You may have heard the term “HTML5″ mentioned once or twice and had no idea what people were talking about. However, you should know what this term means as it will be becoming more and more important in the coming years. Steve Jobs even recently said that HTML5 would replace Flash in […]


5 Misconceptions About HTML5

By David Tulip Ok, it’s time to clear up a few issues that have been bugging me recently. For some reason there seems to be a fairly significant backlash against the whole HTML5 standard, largely in the form of Adobe supporters. Now I really don’t subscribe to the whole Apple vs. Adobe debate, I think […]


5 Flash Myths About Flash – Why Flash is Not Evil

By Fadi Semaan Many stigmas are attached to flash applications and still hunt this cool development tool.  These outdated myths were the results of old flash bugs and limitations that no longer hold true. Flash has been in the market now for more than 10 years and has a penetration of more than 98%. It is […]


Adobe Flash – Web Design Wonder Or a Flash Menu For Disaster?

By Ray Cassidy Adobe Flash is a truly amazing innovation, even after more than a decade Adobe Flash is a software platform for multimedia content. It was originally created by Jonathan Gay as a project known as Future Splash Animator. When Disney Studios and MSN got interested in using it for their websites, this pricked […]


How Does Flash Work?

By Craig Campbell Flash was originally designed to be a tool for creating animations with your computer. Flash (or Future Splash, as it was once called) introduced frames and keyframes to the computer world and made it possible for millions of people all over the world to try their hand at animation. But as Macromedia […]


Flash Vs HTML5 – A Developer’s Opinion

By Amy Leigh Parker Since 1996 when Macromedia purchased SmartSketch, and release “Flash” – it has literally revolutionised the way we use the internet. Some love it – Some hate it, but is the upcoming HTML5 standard be the end-of-the-line for Adobes most popular product. Reasons for Flash Flash allows developers to create rich internet […]


Flash Preloader – Why You Need to Add a Preloader to Your Flash Animation

By Micky Stuivenberg If you use a Flash animation or Flash movie on your website that is bigger than 40kb, it is generally recommended that you add a preloader to the Flash file. This article explains: what a Flash preloader is; what the benefits are of using a preloader for your Flash movie; and how […]


Product Review – Adobe – The Leader in Web Design Software

By Tyson Mullin When it comes to multimedia design and creativity software there is no question- Adobe is the top of the line. It allows you to create advanced multimedia design without knowing how to write code, and is perfect for someone who is interested in design. With a large array of products from Dreamweaver, […]


Why Flash Should Just Die Quietly

By Harry E J Gordon Like the last guest at a party, it’s time for Adobe’s Flash Player to stagger home, never to be heard from again. Flash is a thorn in the side of website owners and visitors alike, even if they don’t know it yet. It’s inaccessible, inefficient, insecure and expensive to develop. […]


Adobe’s Love-Hate Relationship With Google

By Eric D Rowell In the past year or so, Adobe, who has been dominating RIA (rich internet applications) since the mid 1990′s, has suddenly found itself in a war with two fronts. While pleading with Apple to allow Flash to run on the iPhone since its introduction in June of 2007, Google comes to […]