Incredible Tutorials specializes in creating free video tutorials for Flash, Anime Studio and other software. The YouTube Channel is run by Chad Troftgruben and Jim Mills. The goal for this channel is to create easy to learn lessons injected with eye opening art and tips.

Chad is a freelance media designer who has been working with Flash, Anime Studio and other various software for a number of years. By applying methods used from his cartoon animation background, Chad provides a simplistic yet creative approach to each lesson he teaches. In 2007 Chad started providing free online video tutorials on Flash and other software. Since then, his tutorials have been viewed by millions of people, including entrepreneurs, teachers, students and many others. Chad’s current role with Incredible Tutorials mainly involves providing narration tracks and marketing.

Jim joined Incredible Tutorials in 2013 and provides artistic and technical support for each lesson. He is currently the main screencaster for the channel’s Anime Studio tutorials. For years Jim has had a passion for drawing and animation. After a few successful projects in the film industry, he has come back to his original ambition. Along with creating content for Incredible Tutorials, Jim is currently pursuing different avenues to get various animation projects produced on television.