Importing Files into Anime Studio Debut 9

If you’ve designed an outside asset that you would like to bring into your current Anime Studio project file, you can do so with the import options. With Debut 9, you have the ability to import images, audio files, videos, external Anime Studio assets and more. There are even built in assets you can import through the content library. This tutorial will walk you through all the basics.

Note: This tutorial was created for Smith Micro and is part of the official Anime Studio 9 Debut tutorial list.



  1. Devin says:

    I want to import music but every time i try to import via audio file it tells me that it wont support it. How do i fix this so i can import my music?

  2. Alex Espinosa says:

    I converted the songs i wanted to use to WAV files and it says the file is not supported. What should i do?

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