Importing Photoshop Files (PSD’s) into Anime Studio Pro 9

If you do a lot of work in Photoshop, then this feature will be of value to you. When importing Photoshop files, you have the option to import the document as one image or separate the layers out in Anime Studio. This tutorial demonstrates how to do it.

Note: This tutorial was created for Smith Micro and is part of the official Anime Studio Pro 9 tutorial list.


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  1. Asimir says:

    Hi Chad,
    I am trying to import/insert an image into Anime Studio Pro 10 to trace image manually instead of using tool Image trace, I tried both methods (Individually & Composite) but unluckily I can’t see image but just a greyed box, please help me to find what I’m doing wrong.

    Mississauga ON Canada

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