Steve and the Alien AS Series: 1-1: Introduction

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Welcome to the first lesson in the Steve and the Alien: Anime Studio Tutorial Series.  This video focuses on some basic requirements that should be upheld during the duration of this series.  Above all else, remember these points:

  1. Get a copy of Anime Studio Pro 8.  The Debut version is not recommended for this series.
  2. Be sure to set the dimensions and frame rate by going to Edit > Project Settings.  Finally, click on the Save as Defaults button to ensure these settings will stick throughout all your project files.
  3. Remember to save often when working on your project files.  To do this, go to File > Save.
  4. There will come a point when we hit Lesson 5 where I will ask you to open up an existing file and then go to File > Save As to make a new file.  This is so we can borrow assets and prevent overriding the old file.  Be sure to do this!
  5. Have fun!  I want this to be a fun and educational experience, especially when it comes time for you to design an ending for the animation.  I want to see some awesome and creative endings!



  1. Deb Zoeller says:

    Hi Chad!
    I’m very excited to go thru your tutorials on Steve & the Alien while learning Anime Studio. Thanks for creating these.

    I noticed while you talking about the project settings there was a checkbox for “Extra SWF Frame”. I realize your tutorial doesn’t include Flash, but I have read that AS can be imported into Flash for more broader uses and that Flash uses the swf as a extension. If you are going to import the animation into Flash, is this a necessary setting and why?

    By the way, your webinar on Anime Studio about the comparison between Flash and Anime Studio was awesome!! I had been encouraged to learn Flash for animation but after watching your webinar, I think Anime Studio if more along the lines of what I need for what I’m attempting.

    Looking forward to more learning with you!

  2. Ernesto Valdez says:


    thanks you for your videos.

    Today begins an odyssey for me.
    I do not know your age, but let me tell you, you have a 42 year old student.


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