Steve and the Alien AS Series: 6-1: Animating Van’s Introduction

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Lesson 6 is all about animating the exterior shots of the project.  First, we will start with the highway front angle shot when the van leaps into the air and lands on the road.  This is a pretty simple shot, requiring a camera pan and some tweening.  We will also implement a visual trick where we duplicate the road use the ‘Visible’ layer feature for certain parts of the shot.  We will also cover the procedure of exporting videos in this tutorial.  Speaking of which, you may want to save all of your exported videos in a separate folder so you know they are safe.  This will make the editing process a lot easier too.

Like always, make sure you don’t’ override any of your previous project files!  Before doing anything, go to File > Save As and create a new file.  This way if you ever need to refer or revert back to the original design, you can.


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