An Overview of the Gradient Transform Tool

If you’re looking for a way to add depth to your projects in Adobe Flash, then the Gradient Transform Tool is a great way to achieve this. While solid colors are perfectly fine (in fact you can create stunning work with solid colors alone) the Gradient Transform Tool is an easy way to create some colorful and interesting stuff. And if you’re unsure what a gradient color is, it’s simply the “transformation” between two or more colors.

In order to use the Gradient Transform Tool you will need to create a gradient. This can simply be done by accessing the Color Panel and selecting Gradient as opposed to Solid. Then you can use the Gradient Transform Tool to resize, skew, and rotate the gradient color that is applied to a drawing. This gives you more control over the color of the object.

Gradients can be very useful, so let’s talk about them specifically for a moment. What good are they? Well, one thing gradients could be used for is emulating light sources. This can be achieved simply by applying a radial effect with a bright color in the middle and a dark shade of that color on the outside. You can add more colors in between for more variety. The Gradient Transform Tool can help create the illusion of 3D. If you draw an object that appears to be diminishing into the distance, you could apply a linear gradient in which the dark color is in the “distance” while the color is brighter near the foreground. This usually gives off a convincing effect of perspective. And of course if you love color, you could just splash some gradient colors around and see what sticks.

The Gradient Transform Tool then can be used to help create the effects stated above. To do this, select the tool and you gradient will have a few icons next to it. The middle icon in the gradient allows you to move the entire fill. The top icon on the right of the gradient allows you to mess around with the width. The icon below that allows you to scale the entire fill while the final icon allows you to rotate the gradient. The key is to play around with this until your comfortable with it.

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