Gone in a Flash?

By Matt J. Dixon

As I sat reviewing random video clips of fireworks shows from the recent Fourth of July celebrations on my new iPhone, with all of the pizazz and flash that fireworks bring… it occurred to me some videos would not play. Quite a few videos actually.

This in turn made me start thinking about another type of flash… Adobe Flash. I instantly realized some of the videos I was attempting to watch were made in Flash coding. Well, we all know Apple and Adobe are still at ends with each other and Flash on the iPhone is a no go, even with the newest release of the iPhone 4.

With the soaring popularity of mobile devices, especially the likes of the iPhone and iPod Touch series, and with those items not supporting Flash, could these devices very well be the Flash killer? I mean, think about this, will developers continue to pursue other methods like Javascript to display their content on devices such as these, thus abandoning Flash for other technologies? If they don’t, they could be missing out on a huge amount of viewers!

Adobe Flash has been around for so long, most of us just consider it a staple in the technology world. But with competitive software applications that do work on the iPhone, we could start to witness the downfall of this once great tool for content delivery. Flash itself has had some other struggles in the recent years with several major security exploits being identified and targeted. Adobe has been quick to release the needed patches, however bugs still existed none the less.

With cloud hosting becoming ever so cheaper, old fashioned video uploaded online could very well make a come back, as the iPhone has no problem playing them. So, this has just been food for thought, it really boils down to the fact that technology evolves so fast – it can’t even keep up with itself.

The other fact is that if we as individuals, companies, and societies don’t keep up with technology, we could very well be gone in a flash ourselves!

Matt’s background and education in Information Systems Security, along with a passion to better the world through the Internet, led him to form Proactive Patrol. This organization, also known as “The Patrol”, gains new membership from like minded folks who wish to contribute their skills and time to helping others stay safe on the Internet with products made to keep the bad at bay as much as possible. Matt is a regular contributor in forums, blogs, and various technology publications, along with being a super dad, educator, community volunteer, and a friend to animals. The funding received from product sales go to help support K.I.D.S.

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  1. Alex says:

    I really find all this talk about the demise of Adobe Flash amusing. It reminds me of how the demise of COBOL has been predicted for the last 30 years yet today there are 220 billion lines of code written in COBOL. It will be a long while for HTML5 gets up to speed with Adobe Flash and in the interim I’m certain Adobe Flash is not going to just sit around and not get better.


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