How To Draw Creatively

By Jon Mumford

You are never too old to learn how to draw creatively. Drawing gives great satisfaction and can be started at any age. Even the great artists started their studies at various ages, so there’s no reason to think you cannot master the skills because you’ve started too late in life.

The Artist’s Way

The process of creating art is really about translating emotions and feelings into shapes, colors and texture. For many artists, this way of expressing themselves is a method to bring outside of them what has been bottled up inside. In doing so, they transformed complex feelings into a beautiful art form. It’s not exaggerating to say that it can have a cathartic quality.

Bringing across ideas and thoughts from real life to abstract forms is the essence of art. Artists have their way of quickly picking up themes that will move and affect their audiences. Art can cause people to experience all kinds of emotions and thoughts: laughter, sadness, or thoughts on social issues. When speaking about drawing, there is no wrong or right, so for the artist it’s crucial to just be himself and let his imagination follow its own course.

Basic Drawing Skills

Three main methods that should be taught in every art class, form the core of sound drawing skills. The deductive method of drawing is to transform a general image to a specific one. The inductive method is the opposite. The third method combines both deductive and inductive methods and makes up a free and well founded approach.

A few basic rules apply when you make your first drawing. They are meant to keep your focus on your project. When speaking of your drawings, there is no wrong or right. But maybe you want to stress a particular aspect of your drawing. The canvas images are important in this respect. Let’s take an example. If you want to draw a field with a wishing well in it, you have to start by putting the flower field in perspective. Next you have to bring the wishing well to the foreground.


Take the necessary time to step back and look at your creations with a critical eye when learning how to draw. Such a self-evaluation can give you a lot of new ideas. If you develop your drawing skills, you can bring yourself to drawing with the entire image in mind, instead of drawing uncertain and short lines that lead you around in circles.

It’s important to keep practicing and to decide that you will always do your best. This will ensure that your drawing skills keep getting better for the rest of your years. The longer your practice, the more your arms, hands and fingers will be trained in particular drawing movements and the better your work will be with time.

It doesn’t matter how old you are or what feedback other people gave you previously. If you take the time to let the artist within you grow, your creating drawing skills will keep expanding. So, take a deep breath and just begin to practice the tips in this article, because learning how to draw can be very rewarding and fun.

Jon Mumford is the editor of – a resource helping you how to draw creatively. Find more about drawing fantasy sketches at his site.

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