Introductory Flash Classes Now Available For Signup

For the week of September 30th, you will have a chance to sit in on two classes, each of which will be held at two separate times (morning and evening).  If you’re new to Flash and ready to start building a foundation that can be used with anything from cartoon animation to game development, then these classes are for you.

Introduction to Flash Symbols offers an in-depth lecture of each symbol type available:  Graphic, MovieClip and Button.  Understanding these elements is key to succeeding in Flash.

Introduction to Flash Animation builds on the Symbols lesson and covers the concepts of tweening and frame-by-frame animation.  The lesson will be using basic concepts, which makes it easy to digest for beginners.

The eProf system allows students to interact and ask questions using their own web cams and microphones.  On top of that, students can share their work to make sure they are on the right track.  You get the benefit of a real classroom setting!

Interested?  Sign up now!



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    wwe is my fav

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