Key Factors of an Effective Website Design

By Sofia Zoey

When browsing the Internet, we check out numerous websites. Some are so cool that we can’t resist ourselves saying, wow this is the best website design I have ever seen. On the other hand, some websites are like the total crap. Did you ever think what are the factors which make a website looks great?

Designing a website is not a child’s play. It is an easier said than done task which requires skills and lots of efforts. There are some key factors which directly influence the effectiveness of your website. These factors are listed below:

1. Niche

The first most important factor that influences the overall design of a website is the niche of your business. Choose the design according to the niche you are into. For example; if you are designing a corporate website, then your design must have a very professional look.

2. Theme

The theme of your website greatly influences the effectiveness of your website; therefore you should be careful enough in choosing the appropriate theme for your website. For example; a health related website can’t have a floral theme.

3. Layout

Layout is another important factor that should be kept in mind when designing a website. The layout of a website includes things such as banners, advertisements, pop-up windows and text links. It is recommended that you keep the layout of your website as simple as possible. Do not fill up your website with pop-ups and banner ads.

4. Color Palette

The right color combination can either make or destroy your overall design. Make your website attractive and appealing to the human eye by using proper color combination.

5. Navigation

An effective website must have to be easy to navigate. Do not give your visitors hard time navigating through your website.

6. Content

The content of your website should be relevant to your niche and must be updated regularly so that your visitors always find something new when they visit your website. Make sure that you are not posting plagiarized content.

7. Subscribe Button

Although it is an optional thing but can greatly impact on the success of your website. Allow your visitors to subscribe for the latest news and updates.

8. Comment Section

Allow your visitors and customers share their views and feedbacks by putting a small comment section on your website. This can be a great tool to communicate with your customers and/or visitors.

9. Contact Us Page

Having a contact us page is a must for every website that is live on World Wide Web so that the visitors and customers can easily contact the admin of the website. This increases the trust of your visitors as well.

10.Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your website for certain keywords so that your potential visitors can easily find you through search engines.

The only way to get the most effective website design is by getting it designed by a professional website design company.

Sofia Zoey is a Content Writer who works at Logo Design Maestro – A Logo Design & Brochure Design Company.

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