Myth Or Fact? – Flash Websites Are Not SEO Friendly

By Mark Spenser

Flash websites have been attracting the creators and the viewers ever since its advent. Flash websites are undoubtedly more interesting and alluring than the static HTML websites. But despite this the flash websites have been hovered with a lot of dislike among many companies and businesses mainly because it is believed that these sites are not SEO friendly. Let us just look at certain points which can enable as to derive at the conclusion as to, is the flash websites really not SEO friendly.

Flash is basically a brand name of the software by Macromedia and now adobe which can produce good quality of animation. Flash plug-ins on the websites makes the pictures, graphics, animations, and logos livelier and can also enable them a 3D view. This definitely increases the chances of your website becoming more popular with the visitors. The flash website design also enables you to retain the visitors for longer time and also convert them into possible clients.

As every coin has two sides so does the flash website. Previously, these websites were not crawl able by the Search Engines spiders. Thus in spite of having attractive websites, the website owner was finding it difficult to have good rankings on the search engines. But, as they say, “Creativity and Innovation is the key to success in the internet world.” Now-a-days the crawlers of all search engines do crawl through the flash enabled graphics and content. Hence, it is no longer true that the flash websites are not SEO friendly.

In fact, a Flash website design is more SEO friendly these days as it has many advantages such as:

1. A flash website design can accommodate more content in less space as compared to the standard HTML website. Hence, more content that is rich in keywords usage can be written. This will benefit the SEO for gaining higher page ranks.

2. The website will look stunning and attractive to the viewer. Therefore, longer duration of visit by the viewers and also more of viewers.

3. Since the website and the content is presented in attractive manner, the viewer will go through the content and hence improve the chances of getting converted into a prospective client.

4. Flash website design enables your site a greater visibility as it supports rich internet applications.

However, it is essential to be careful about certain points when having flash website. A flash website designer must do flash coding in such a format that it does not take too much time to upload as it might be turn off the users big time. Besides this you must also provide with both the versions i.e. HTML and Flash version of your websites as certain computers might not have accessibility towards flash. Nevertheless, you can also provide link to download flash in few minutes as well.

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