The Digital Signage

By Chase Lane

Leaflets, banners, posters and papers are out of date now. It is the rising era of Digital signage. In good old days, in order to express information, to transfer massages, to display notices, and for many other information expressing needs, such kind of paper work was used. With the arrival of radio and later television, advertisements came in to seen bind with those instruments. With the development of newest technologies, now it is the time of signage.

Digital signage is an electronic device with an electronically functioning display which is in use to shows information and notices, advertisements, messages and much more other information. Digital signage can be found in many sizes, starting from small 1inch*1inch to more. The digital signages are found in stores, in streets, hotels, and in many more places as it display relevant information to customers and other users. There are normal LCD signages, LED signages, plasma displays, and also projected images in Digital signs in both public and private spaces. Currently China is playing the leading role in the world of signage.

The digital displays are usually controlled by basic Personal Computers. There are software to program them as it operate properly. That makes to minimize any large capital expenses which can be a cost to manager of the tools. The method has made it easy to advertise. Generally advertising through digital signage is called as a form of “out-of-home advertising” as the messages are displayed on digital signs with a common aim of transporting targeted messages to specific locations at specific times. That is the reason to call it as digital out of home or in short, DOOH. Also the signage are naming it as “narrowcasting”, “screen media”, “place-based media”, “digital merchandising”, “digital media networks” and also as “captive audience networks”, according to their prepress in business.

Comparing to other regular methods of expressing information and advertising, signage can be explained as over static signs and the content can be exchanged easily. One cad add animations to it and then it makes more attractive with changes. This makes signage create more return than which is investment. There are several things which can be generally displayed in a signage. Some of them are,

  • News, weather and other public information
  • Internal information such as health, safety and corporate massages
  • Advertising
  • Influence customer as in directing to the right locations
  • Enhancing customer experience (Bank queues, recipe demonstrations…etc)
  • Make an attractive environment with interactive screens and all

It has made everything easier then it was before.

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