The Power of Adobe Flash

By Lewis Hall

More and more these days, if you regularly search the internet, you will find websites that either contain lots of flash, or are created entirely in flash. So why are more and more people resorting to using flash for their websites? There are 3 main reasons for this:

Firstly, flash is the best software programme to create graphics for the web, and it is so easy to use and manipulate. The fact that people can create exactly what they want without having to use any kind of coding (although Actionscript code can be used if necessary) attracts a lot of people, with everyone except for experts being put off by html, CSS, PHP and Java coding to create their website.

Secondly, users are a lot more attracted to, and will spend a lot more time on websites that are interactive, and flash is the perfect piece of software that allows you to create graphics and manipulate them into interactive graphics.

Thirdly, flash has became so popular lately that there are a lot of flash files already available on the Internet, and all people have to do is download them and rework them to create something unique for their own personal use. The fact that people want to create their websites as quickly as possible means that if they can find files to download so they don’t have to take the time and create something themselves, or if they do not know how to use flash but they want it on their website, then this is a much more feasible option, rather then pay n expensive expert.

All of the reasons mentioned above make flash the essential tool for people creating new websites.

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