What is New in Windows 7?

By Julia Stone

Windows 7 is the new operating system from Microsoft that hit the markets on October 22nd. It is a big improvement to the last operating system Windows Vista, as Windows Vista was considered a big failure of Microsoft. I will list some of the big features that makes Windows 7 worthwhile buying or upgrading.

Top features:

Windows Touch – If you have a touch-sensitive screen you can touch your screen to scroll through your files, browse online magazines, look through photo albums and organize them and so much more. Even the Start menu and the taskbar now support this great feature. If you have small kids at home, let them fingerpaint with it!

Remote Media Streaming – Now you can enjoy your media files while you are away from home. This special feature streams music, videos and photos over the internet. You need two computers. One that is the host, which stores all your media. And a remote computer with which you want to access it.

BitLocker – Now you can protect all your files which are either on your primary harddisk, your external harddisk or even disk-on-key. Nobody can steal your data if you use this great feature. So how does it work? You encrypt your data and all information by putting a virtual lock on all your files.

Pin feature – This is actually my favorite feature. You pin files, folders, programs, applications to the taskbar. You can arrange them in any way you want. So if you use a certain application quite often, you pin it to the taskbar. The next time you want to use it, just click on the icon on the taskbar.

Live Taskbar Previews – Again a very useful feature. Imagine the situation: You have 15 different windows open on the taskbar. So you don’t know already what is going on. But with this new feature you hoover over the taskbar and each icon will show you exactly what windows are open, and to where they belong.

Windows XP Mode – So you want to switch to the new operating system. But you still have a lot of applications that only work with Windows XP. What to do? Windows 7 has this feature that lets you run older software on your Windows 7 desktop. For this to work, you need at least Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate and Windows Virtual PC installed. Please note, not all computers can run Virtual PC.

Snap – This is a unique way of resizing open windows by simply dragging them to the edge of the screen. You can also snap two side-by-side windows together for easier reading and writing.

User Account Control – As you know, this feature was a disaster in Windows Vista. But in Windows 7 it was toned down a notch, so it is not such a bother for the user, but still protects your computer. This feature protects you from unwanted system changes, malware infection and other harmful events that could happen to you.

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