What is the Future of Adobe Flash?

By David ODey

This is a tough question to answer. With new languages and technologies being created each year, Adobe has had to work hard to meet the needs of the Website Design Industry. What Adobe has been very successful at is creating an API (Application Programming Interface) that allows for many different skill levels of designers and developers to utilize it for their own needs. Whether the user is creating a simple flash animation, or an e-commerce site with database integration, Flash has all the tools needed to achieve these goals. Website Design has come a long way from simple animated gifs and near epileptic websites of the 1990′s, and Adobe’s applications, such as Flash, has been a major driving force of quality improvement.

One of the major challenges facing Website Design these days is the pure number of different platforms that a website can be accessed on. A website is not just for computers any longer, but can be seen on smart phones, televisions, and game systems as well. Each of these different systems handles a website in its own way, and their built in browsers have different capabilities to support what can and can’t be seen on a website. As an example of the challenges facing Adobe, is Apple’s announcement that their iPads and iPhones will no longer support the flash player. As well as Apple’s decision that apps built in third party applications, such as Adobe’s Flash, will no longer be sold through their online stores.

Adobe has little to fear about any major decline in development with Flash however, as they have a strong community of designers and developers around the world. Some members of this community have managed to already create hacks to allow flash on devices where its usage was restricted. Website Design is an ever growing industry, not only in America, but all over Europe and Asian. This community of developers has fought long and hard to get quality programming languages and applications to a high standard, and they are the ones who will truly decide whether Adobe’s Flash is heading towards its last breathe or not.

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