Anime Studio’s Vector Shape Selector

Traditionally, in Anime Studio, you are only allowed to select an object once you have selected the layer it inhabits. The Vector Shape Selector allows you to select objects at anytime, no matter which layer you are currently on.


Hiding Seams with the Patch Layer in Anime Studio

With the patch layer in Anime Studio, you can quickly and effectively hide the seams that bind your limbs together. This tutorial walks you through the process.


Converting Images to Vector Graphics in Anime Studio

If you like to draw in other programs or on paper, Anime Studio 8′s new trace imaging system may allow you to animate these outside images in an easier fashion.


Easy Character Creation in Anime Studio with the Character Wizard

In this lesson we go over Anime Studio Pro 8′s most notable feature, the Character Wizard. Learn how to create characters and animations in mere minutes using this unique tool.


Render Styles in Anime Studio

In this short lesson, I show you how to apply quick, stylized effects to your Anime Studio animation. This can greatly boost the visual appeal of your project and save you time in the process.