A New Addition to the Incredible Tutorials Family

For the past five years, Incredible Tutorials has been a one man show.  That is about to change beginning December 2nd.  While I feel that my tutorials have been pretty successful, there is only so much I can do on my own.  That is why after months of discussion and preparation, my new partner, Jim […]

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Free Webinars on Flash and Animation for April

This month I will be hosting four free webinars on Flash and animation. These webinars are done through eProf, so two way communication via webcam, microphone and text is possible. To sign up for any of these classes, simply click on a desired link on the right or go to my tutoring website. Here is […]

Polishing Up Flash Cartoons

Free Flash and Anime Studio Webinars for March

This month you will have the chance to attend three webinars for free. These webinars include returning favorites: Adobe Flash VS Anime Studio, ActionScript 3.0 Basics and Polishing Up Your Flash Cartoons. Each of these classes start at 11 AM MST on March 7th, 21st and 28th. More details can be found on the Incredible […]


Let Us Showcase Your Anime Studio Work!

I have teamed up with Jim Mills and Smith Micro to create a new promo showcasing the best of Anime Studio. We need talented Anime Studio artists to submit two to three, five to ten second video clips of their best work. This promo will be going on the Smith Micro channel, which receives quite […]

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Flash, Anime Studio and Production Classes for January

With the start of the new year, I am ready to teach classes through the eProf system! Every Wednesday this month, you will have an opportunity to attend class and interact with me and other students via web cam, microphone and text. This is a great way to learn about animation and get some personal […]

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Interactive Online Instruction for Flash and Anime Studio

If you are looking for online instruction for Flash and Anime Studio, please check out my classes on eProf.  These classes are taught in real time, featuring the benefit of two-way communication.  The experience takes you beyond that of a traditional recorded tutorial. Please visit my eProf profile to sign up for classes!  Feel free […]


Introduction to Flash Animation (eProf Demo)

This is a recording from a recent eProf class where I taught the basics to Flash animation. The main topics covered here are the three types of tweening (Classic, Motion and Shape) and the very basics of frame-by-frame animation. To sign up for future classes, please click here. Feel free to suggest more classes you […]


Introductory Flash Classes Now Available For Signup

For the week of September 30th, you will have a chance to sit in on two classes, each of which will be held at two separate times (morning and evening).  If you’re new to Flash and ready to start building a foundation that can be used with anything from cartoon animation to game development, then these classes […]


Online Classes for Flash and Anime Studio

I am excited to announce I will be teaching the first official class on the eProf website! eProf allows for interactive teaching with the teachers and students having access to web cams and microphones. Students can ask questions during the lesson and teachers can use interactive materials like PowerPoints, YouTube videos and more to teach […]


Anime Studio 9 Tutorials Now Online!

Anime Studio 9 is now available! With this new release, I teamed up with Smith Micro to deliver the official tutorial series spanning over 50 different lessons. These lessons cover both Debut and Pro versions of the software and should be valuable to newcomers. You can find the tutorials in the Anime Studio section of […]


Winners of the Steve and the Alien Contest

The top three winners have been picked! Watch and find out who will win the grand prize. Thanks again to everyone who participated in this contest. I would also like to thank Smith Micro for their generous donation of prizes for this contest. It was a lot of fun, lot’s of great talent out there. […]


Steve and the Alien Finalist Showcase

The contest is over and now it’s time announce the winners! These top five videos will compete against one another next week at a shot for first, second and third place. First place will receive a copy of Anime Studio Pro 8, Poser Pro and Manga Studio EX4 Second place can choose between 1 of […]


Steve and the Alien Anime Studio Contest

Create the animation.  Finish it.  Win a prize! To celebrate the launch of the Steve and the Alien: Anime Studio Tutorial Series, we are giving away a free copy of Anime Studio Pro 8, Poser 9 and Manga Studio EX4!  Here’s what you have to do: Download a free trial of Anime Studio Pro 8. […]


Free Four Part Webinar on Anime Studio Animation

On June 5th, I will be presenting part one of four of a webinar series that focuses on the basics of Anime Studio animation. This is a great opportunity if you’re new to Anime Studio, animation or both. To get more information, check out the official announcement on Smith Micro’s website. 


Important Books on Animation

Animation is a very complicated process and the best way to tackle it is to absorb all the knowledge you possibly can. Below are a list of books I recommend you try reading if you’re really interested in this subject: Animation Unleashed: 100 Principles Every Animator, Comic Book Writers, Filmmakers, Video Artist, and Game Developer […]


Adobe Flash VS Anime Studio: Which Is Vector Animation King?

By Chad Troftgruben As both an animator and an instructor, I get many questions regarding Adobe Flash and Anime Studio Pro. Which software is more affordable? How does each utilize animation? Is Anime Studio easier to use? And overall, which software is better? The clear answer is this: neither of these pieces of software are […]


Adobe CS5, Cuda, Mercury, and What’s in the Kool-Aid?

By Tom Womack Adobe Creative Suite 5 is here with promises of lightning speed, real time edits, and drastically reduced render time. With Cuda, Mercury, and Nvidia on board, just what is in the Kool-aid? Last summer you began to see releases about lightning fast render speeds with Cuda technology offered by Nividia. Nividia is […]


Adobe Graphic Design Website Software Lets Your Creativity Flow

By Chris Robertson Whether you’re a web developer, a graphic designer, or an artist, you’ve undoubtedly counted on Adobe software to help you get the job done. Now, the design world is buzzing about Adobe Creative Suite 3, a collection of computer graphic design tools that are fully integrated to allow you to work in […]


Review – Adobe Soundbooth CS5

By Rana Imran Yousuf This time I want to introduce you to one of the best audio editors, which covers all the steps and processes that range from music creation to digital editing. Like many of the best programs for windows, it is also developed by Adobe. Adobe Soundbooth CS5 is an application of excellent […]


How To Save Money On Adobe Software

By John Churchill Adobe is one of the largest software companies on the planet. The company founded in 1982 by Charles Geschke and John Warnock had sales of close to $3billion in 2009 and has approximately 8,715 employees worldwide. A company of this size is likely to have a large user base, in fact more […]

Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Elements – Applying a Basic Transition

By Dan P Stevens Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 was released some time back and is not the current release, but still has many features that will enable you to create great videos. I’m using this version of the software, but this guide will also work for other versions as well, with only slight differences. In […]