How to Draw a Cartoon Character in Adobe Flash

In this tutorial I go over my technique for drawing a cartoon character. This was once a premium tutorial that contained a sample file. Since I have now made this tutorial available for the public, that sample file is no longer available with this tutorial.

Flash Eff

Awesome One Click Flash Animations with Flash Eff

In this tutorial I go over a new component that allows you to apply animations and filters with the click of a button.

Motion Presets

Quick and Easy Animations with Flash’s Motion Presets

You don’t need to be an expert to animate simple stuff in Flash.  In this tutorial I go over how you can apply simple presets to your drawings and make them move in different ways.

Animating Symbols with the Bone Tool

Animating Symbols with Flash’s Bone Tool

In three minutes I cover how to animate a series of symbols with the Flash CS4 Bone Tool.  This is a follow up to the first Bone Tutorial and is recommended you watch that one first so you can get the full benefit of this tutorial.

Syncing a Mouth to a Voice

Syncing a Mouth to a Voice in Adobe Flash

Learn a simple yet effective technique in animating a mouth to a voice.