Using a vCam in Adobe Flash

By using a vCam, you can easily simulate a camera without the added stress of moving individual assets around the Flash Stage. This tutorial shows where you can get a vCam and how to create some simple effects with it. Link to vCam: Software Required: Adobe Flash CS3 or later Skill Level: Intermediate Recorded By: […]


Converting to HTML5 with Flash CS6

With Flash CS6, and a small Adobe extension, you have the ability to convert Flash files to HTML5 for greater stability and reach. This lesson takes you through how to download the extension, set it up and export a file. HTML5 Extension:


Converting Anime Studio Objects into Flash Symbols

If you are an Anime Studio user looking to import your assets into a Flash project file, this tutorial will show you one way to do it.  Benefits to this would be wanting to use Flash to animate Anime Studio drawn objects and program in ActionScript using Anime Studio artwork.  This may also provide a […]


Adding Audio to Your Flash Project (Youtorial Demo)

Now that we have completed the Flash animation, audio will need to be added. In this demo, we begin the steps of adding music and sound effects to your project. In the full version, you will get access to the audio files along with the entire lesson. This video is only a preview of the […]


Exporting Glitch-Free Videos in Adobe Flash

It’s no secret that Adobe Flash can sometimes have a hard time exporting videos. This is especially true with complex or longer works. Audio can go off sync, frame rates can drop, videos can have weird glitches and so on. The technique in this tutorial will give you a gauranteed clean render. Just know you […]


Drawing an Alien World in Flash (Youtorial Demo)

As part of the Adobe Flash Cartoon Youtorial Series, you will learn to draw and create an alien world for our character to run through. This demo gives you a taste of what to expect from that. This video is only a preview of the full lesson. To see the lesson, gain access to project […]


Flash’s Actions and Code Snippets Panels (Youtorial Demo)

In the final lesson of this series we go over some very basic elements of ActionScript. We learn how to access the Actions panel and input code through it. Finally, we look at the Code Snippets Panel, a new item that has been introduced in Adobe Flash CS5. This video is only a preview of […]


Adobe Flash Color Effects, Blending Modes and Filters (Youtorial Demo)

Here we take a look at the different special effects Adobe Flash provides for us. Making a symbol transparent, changing colors with tweening and apply glow effects are just a few things we cover in this lesson. This video is only a preview of the full lesson. To see the lesson, gain access to project […]


Flash Classic, Motion and Shape Tweening (Youtorial Demo)

Here I cover the differences between Classic, Motion and Shape Tweening. Tweening allows us to animated objects with a series of keyframes on a single layer. This can be great for easing the animation process! This tutorial was designed for the Youtorial Platform. To get the most out of this lesson, view it for FREE […]


Flash Symbols and Library (Youtorial Demo)

In this lesson we learn about the three different symbols types, Graphic, MovieClip and Button, and how to effectively utilize the Adobe Flash Library. This video is only a preview of the full lesson. To see the lesson, gain access to project files, and view the entire Introduction to Flash Basics series, please visit the […]


Flash CS5 TLF and Classic Text Engines (Youtorial Demo)

Learn the differences between Static, Input and Dynamic text. Each of these have a different purpose for design and interactive use (like using ActionScript). Plus, I show you some of the new graphical features TLF Text brings to the table. This video is only a preview of the full lesson. To see the lesson, gain […]


Bitmap VS Vector Graphics in Adobe Flash (Youtorial Demo)

In this lesson I cover the differences between vector and bitmap graphics. Vector graphics can be created with any drawing tool in Flash. There are some things to be aware of too, like Object VS Non-Object Drawing. Finally, we’ll uncover the ability to break apart our images and convert them into loose vector-based drawings. This […]


Flash Timeline, Layers and Stage Properties (Youtorial Demo)

The timeline in Adobe Flash is essential as it maps out all animation and design aspects of our project files. We’ll go over layers, reading the timeline and other Stage Properties. We’ll also build on this lesson later when we learn how to utilize tweening animation. This video is only a preview of the full […]


Overview of the Flash Tools (Youtorial Demo)

In this lesson we take a look at all the tools on the toolbar. There are some new features exclusive to Adobe Flash CS5, like enhancements to the Bone and Deco Drawing Tools. This video is only a preview of the full lesson. To see the lesson, gain access to project files, and view the […]


Introduction to the Flash Interface (Youtorial Demo)

In the first video of this series I go over what Adobe Flash is, where to get it and become familiar with the software’s interface. Workspaces are also demonstrated in this tutorial. This video is only a preview of the full lesson. To see the lesson as well as the entire Introduction to Flash Basics […]


Merge VS Object Drawing

In this simple Adobe Flash lesson I show you some basic differences between object and non-object (merge) drawing.


The Motion Editor in Adobe Flash

In this simple tutorial I show you how to use the Motion Editor in conjunction with Motion Tweening.


Sharing Libraries and Assets Between Files

You can easily reuse drawings and animations from different .FLA files. While copying files from one file to another works, there is a more efficient way, especially if you’re using symbols.  Learn how with this tutorial!


How to Merge Layers in Adobe Flash

This tutorial teaches an easy trick on how to merge two or more layers in any version of Adobe Flash.


Resizing a Bunch of Keyframes in Flash

In this quick Flash Tutorial I show you a method on how to resize a bunch of keyframes at once.


How to Smooth and Straighten Lines in Flash

In this simple tutorial I explain how to make your lines smooth or straight using Flash’s different pencil modes.