Installing Joomla the Easy Way

In this quick tutorial I show you how to quickly install Joomla and other content management systems using Fantastico.  Need web space?  Check out this service!


How to Reinstate Your Joomla Backup

Put your backed up Joomla files onto a new database with this tutorial.


How to Backup Your Joomla Website

Learn how to backup your website using a component in this short tutorial.


Creating Easy URLs in Joomla

Learn how to make your website URLs clean and search engine friendly with this tutorial.


Working with Joomla Components

In this tutorial I download and install a component and show the basics behind it.


Working with Joomla Plugins

In this tutorial I show you how to work with and install plugins for your Joomla website.


Working with Joomla Modules

Learn what exactly modules are, including types and positions.


Introduction to Joomla Extensions

In this short tutorial I touch on what extensions are.


Working with Joomla Templates

Learn how to download, install and switch out various templates for your Joomla website.


How to Make a New Joomla Menu

In this simple tutorial I go over how to create a second menu for your website.


How to Add a Joomla Contact Page

Learn how to add a contact page in this tutorial.  This will allow your site viewers to contact you without revealing your e-mail address.


How to Link Articles to Your Joomla Menu

In this tutorial I show you how to take your articles and make them visible on your Joomla website.


How to Add Joomla Articles

In this simple tutorial, I go over how to create sections, categories and articles for your new Joomla website.


How to Install Joomla

Are you on a webhost without Fantastico or Simple Scripts?  Well you’re in luck!  In this beginner tutorial, I go over all the steps to installing Joomla on a standard webhost. Joomla is a free software that allows you to build websites with ease. Looking for webspace for your new website? Check out this link: […]