How to Outline a Cartoon Screenplay (Youtorial Demo)

In this lesson we go over the importance of outlining, scripting and creating a storyboard for your cartoon. This video is only a preview of the full lesson. To see the lesson, gain access to project files, and view the entire Introduction to Flash Basics series, please visit the Youtorial Marketplace:


Youtorial Tutorial: A New and Better Way to View Tutorials!

Here I overview the new Youtorial platform and show the various features it has to offer.  To experience Youtorial yourself, check out the website!


Applying Basic Filters with After Effects

In this simple FREE tutorial I show you how to import a video file and apply some simple filters to it in Adobe After Effects. This tutorial is for people who are completely new to After Effects.


Starting a Website with Dreamweaver

In this Dreamweaver Tutorial, I go over the first basic steps to setting up a website in Dreamweaver. This includes folder organization, basic Dreamweaver steps and creating a simple link.