Working with Multiple Sequences in Premiere

Sometimes it’s easier to break your scenes up into chunks when editing in Premiere.  This tutorial shows my method of editing and gives some insight into how sequences work.


Applying a Highpass or Lowpass Filter in Premiere

Have you ever wanted to adjust your audio so it sounds like it’s coming from a television or intercom? How about muffing the audio so it appears to be coming from another room? With a highpass and lowpass filter, you can easily make these changes to create a simple yet convincing effect.


Using Video Effects in Adobe Premiere

In Adobe Premiere, you have the ability to add video effects and filters to your productions.  This can be great for color correction, blurring, sharpening, chroma keying and more.  This tutorial will show you how it’s done.


Motion, Opacity and Time Effects in Premiere

In Premiere, by using the Effect Controls tab, we can adjust the size, position, opacity, speed and other attributes of a clip.  This video walks you through how to utilize these options, plus create keyframes for animated effects.


Creating a Freeze Frame in Adobe Premiere

In Premiere, you can easily hold or freeze on a piece of video. This can have several different uses and allows the editor to create different effects for the project. Watch the tutorial to learn how to do it!