What type of tutorials do you offer?

I currently offer tutorials for the following subjects: Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe After Effects, Anime Studio Pro, Joomla and WordPress.

Are your tutorials free?

Yes, all standard tutorials provided on my website and on YouTube are free.

Can I email you questions?

Yes.  Please visit the Contact Page to do this.  Just note I may not answer you.  To see the reason for this, see the next question.

Why don’t you ever answer my emails or video comments?

I value all input I receive from my viewers and I try to answer emails when I can.  However, I do get a lot of repeat questions and when that happens I try to include answers to those questions in the tutorials I put online.  That way, I can deliver the solution to everyone in a concise and easy manner.  This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t send me questions though as I use them to shape the lessons I teach.

What is this Youtorial stuff I keep seeing you post?

Youtorial is a tutorial software player that, in my opinion, enhances the viewer’s learning experience.  It’s a free download and once installed, the player docks in the corner of your screen.  The video is then always present while you follow along and work on your own project.  The Youtorial player also allows me to place details down at specific points and chapters, giving you written information as well as access to project files, links and more.  To see the Youtorial player in action, check out this video.  I endorse this product because I truly believe it delivers the best learning experience on the Internet.

But these Youtorials cost money!  What gives?

The Youtorials are the only tutorials that cost money to watch.  An entire team is dedicated to maintain the Youtorial service and the money covers their expenses as well as my own.  The thing you must keep in mind is that the Youtorials are very in depth, offering hours of valuable content.  On top of that, if you look elsewhere for similar paid lessons, I think you’ll find that the price for my Youtorials are very reasonable.  And if you’re not convinced about the Youtorial player, that’s fine.  I have over 100 free tutorials on this website you can view right now.

Do you have a set schedule for when you release tutorials?

No.  I try to release tutorials regularly, but there is no set schedule.

What’s the best way to stay up to date with your tutorials?

There are many ways: subscribe to me on YouTube, follow me on twitter, Like the Incredible Tutorials Facebook page, sign up for this site’s RSS feed or keep checking back on this website for updates.