Animating Symbols with Flash’s Bone Tool

In three minutes I cover how to animate a series of symbols with the Flash CS4 Bone Tool.  This is a follow up to the first Bone Tutorial and is recommended you watch that one first so you can get the full benefit of this tutorial.



  1. beyblade514 says:

    [..YouTube..] How do i move my drawing character hair link wind is moving it? and the mouth. ???

  2. Ztimes22 says:

    [..YouTube..] it is for pirates ;)

  3. [..YouTube..] I wanna animate your chain moving.

  4. masterbilly7 says:

    [..YouTube..] I wanna animate your chain moving.

  5. sorsytube says:

    [..YouTube..] HELP!Im trying to move and resize my armature around in the scene, creating a different pose for every position (I’ve drawn my character in a front view walking towards the viewer). Every time I alter the characters position, the symbols start to move away from each other and all the body parts are all over the place Please help

  6. [..YouTube..] I was sad because I’m using Flash 8 Pro. There’s no Bone Tool in Flash 8 :/

  7. [..YouTube..] How can I animate the chain moving?

  8. UllaSert says:

    [..YouTube..] Cool Work,amazing vid

  9. smokeyhyena says:

    [..YouTube..] Well… I did.(4rth person)

  10. [..YouTube..] Is This Animator Free? If It Is Can You Send Me The Link To Download?

  11. McLens22 says:

    [..YouTube..] For me as a starter of learning in animation and I found that all these teaching videos are so much useful. I would love to recommend them to everyone who’s interested in animation. Thank you for the lessons! :-)

  12. SteffiMess says:

    [..YouTube..] BOOM, I was your third! OH YEAH.

  13. FusRoPIE says:

    [..YouTube..] @irock6671 no

  14. xRaveKitty says:

    [..YouTube..] But will it blend?

  15. alewo111 says:

    [..YouTube..] “cannot link to grouped objects”…….?

  16. UncleM3at says:

    [..YouTube..] i made an arm on my animation and even when it is moved to like a natural position the line scrunch up and get all jacked up! please help me):

  17. MrLilmar says:

    [..YouTube..] adobe flash is not free…. but you can do a 30 trial and see if you like it and after that if you like it you can buy it.

  18. MrLilmar says:

    [..YouTube..] @irock6671 adobe flash is not free…. but you can do a 30 trial and see if you like it and after that if you like it you can buy it.

  19. irock6671 says:

    [..YouTube..] is this program freeplz answer

  20. moealtalol says:

    [..YouTube..] hey, um can u plz help me i have a problem with adding bones to symbols, whenever i try to add bones to any symbol , when i click and drag.. that circle sign thingy appears next to the bone and doesnt allow me to add bones plz help!,i can add bones for shapes but not symbols!

  21. fulltimespy says:

    [..YouTube..] So if you animate a person with bone tool using symbols, you create a new layer for the arm, the head and stuff because you can only have one bone on a symbol ?

  22. moealtalol says:

    [..YouTube..] I have anime studio pro 8 and it’s good but I’m gonna buy adobe flash too:)

  23. sakonpure6 says:

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  25. pedrofontex says:

    [..YouTube..] this is not “animating” u prick, just creating some bones rofl

  26. [..YouTube..] i didnt know you can use symbols with the bone tool,you made my day

  27. roflspore says:

    [..YouTube..] I feel like a derp… but I think I was on my ipod when I saw this so I did not see the desc -___-.

  28. roflspore says:

    [..YouTube..] @noGAMEjumping I feel like a derp… but I think I was on my ipod when I saw this so I did not see the desc -___-.

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  30. [..YouTube..] @roflspore FUCKING FACEPALM!!!!!!!!!

  31. DreadHollow says:

    [..YouTube..] Pivot minus frame by frame animation

  32. DreadHollow says:

    [..YouTube..] @2kidd2 Pivot minus frame by frame animation

  33. TheTremor209 says:

    [..YouTube..] hey? how to put many symbols into 1 layer?

  34. TheTZmedia says:

    [..YouTube..] Wouldn’t it make sense to make one more bone going to the bottom of the last link in the chain?

  35. DLLAMAS77 says:

    [..YouTube..] subscribed

  36. Master666ZX says:

    [..YouTube..] easiest way to say about bone tool : Pin Joint

  37. Scottycat222 says:

    [..YouTube..] @ivanthehackerful Fail

  38. mcdonaldbros says:

    [..YouTube..] What’s the difference between a drawing and a symbol?

  39. [..YouTube..] i clicked this because it looked like a dildo…

  40. ivandonat says:

    [..YouTube..] Yeah, experiment and be patient

  41. ivandonat says:

    [..YouTube..] @IncrediMedia Yeah, experiment and be patient

  42. IncrediMedia says:

    [..YouTube..] is it possible to make a stickman this way ?

  43. SafasoTV says:

    [..YouTube..] YES! ANIMATED RAGDOLLS!!!!!!!!

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  47. dadd999 says:

    [..YouTube..] u forgot to convert the symbols into movie clip….

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  49. James29440 says:

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  51. sarutobi0997 says:

    [..YouTube..] the boner tool

  52. [..YouTube..] gr8 work. thanks for sharing. luv it…flash4frredotnet

  53. [..YouTube..] gr8 work. thanks for sharing.

  54. BDMachinimas says:

    [..YouTube..] @roflspore

  55. CDplayer0 says:

    [..YouTube..] Thanks for the help.. Would this be the best way to animate links on a conveyor belt?

  56. TagaPasay says:

    [..YouTube..] @mechamind90 Me either. V,, ^_^

  57. [..YouTube..] @James29440 Um sir, this is flash cs5. I’m pretty sure the bone tool doesn’t exist in photoshop.(:

  58. James29440 says:

    [..YouTube..] I have Photoshop CS4, but I can’t seem to find the bone tool

  59. XxSED1xX says:

    [..YouTube..] I would imagine you could get past the last anchor point. Maybe add an “invisible object” make it really small and the same color as the object you want the last link on so the object will be the last symbol, but will appear as if it isn’t there. For instance on the last chain link add a small gray dot as the last symbol so technically the small dot would be the anchor point allowing you to freely and successfully animate the final chain link.

  60. iClouded says:

    [..YouTube..] When I paste an image it wont let me use bone tool anyone want to help me

  61. farithabanes says:

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  62. roflspore says:

    [..YouTube..] where do i get this program?

  63. [..YouTube..] how do i take a videothats not mine then edit it ?

  64. schtals says:

    [..YouTube..] You are very good at teaching. Thumbs up.

  65. Mingsoon100 says:

    [..YouTube..] How to download flash?

  66. ISAYLORI says:

    [..YouTube..] how do i make the last link go to the back? like if i wanted one “link” to be on top of another?

  67. random guy says:

    How did you make those links? I’m lame at this so can you show me how to make them?

  68. [..YouTube..] I have a problem. When I try to add a bone, it says:” The shape is too complex. Please optimize or turn into a movie clip.” So, I turn it into a movie clip, and the bone won’t show up!

  69. catra195 says:

    [..YouTube..] so can you make a symbol with multiple layers? im confusedbut man you rock you explain things in a normal way keep it up

  70. [..YouTube..] the bone tool is communist

  71. TarynViviana says:

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  72. [..YouTube..] I need help! Whenever I use the Bone Tool on a symbol, it won’t work! If I drag down the Bone Tool on a normal drawing, it works, but when I use it on a symbol, it just disappears! Help me please:((( I’m getting frustrated.

  73. [..YouTube..] @Zega000 cs5 technically, if anything use adobe because macromedia is outdated

  74. 123BR321 says:

    [..YouTube..] I can not wait to use Flash. ^_^

  75. Zega000 says:

    [..YouTube..] which version of flash is better to animate with? CS4 or 8?

  76. TheMisterCat says:

    [..YouTube..] Keep manipulating your bone tool buddy

  77. masni92 says:

    [..YouTube..] when i try to make a bone with bone tool, i can press but the bone doesnt show up, its that little inhibition (ban) sign ? is something locked ?

  78. masni92 says:

    [..YouTube..] can you merge layers in Flash ? like in photoshop ? like get them into one ?

  79. BoxPeoples says:

    [..YouTube..] Could you guys please help me? I have put up a video and it shows me trying to use the bone tool and failing. It is in the video responses so could you please help?Thanks.

  80. Ranckster says:

    [..YouTube..] you are awsomeeeeeee

  81. protest911 says:

    [..YouTube..] bone tool called rigging look in you on 3d maya

  82. Jakemz51 says:

    [..YouTube..] what do you use to record the screen? and what mic do you use?

  83. [..YouTube..] @piKgoma Not unless you’re wearing Gym Shorts.

  84. piKgoma says:

    [..YouTube..] Bone tool make life easier XD

  85. 123BR321 says:

    [..YouTube..] Thank you. ^_^

  86. hubein2 says:

    [..YouTube..] Gracias!!

  87. tijnos44 says:

    [..YouTube..] WOWit sounds simple when you explain.before i din’t get it

  88. QueStylez says:

    [..YouTube..] Love the bone tool, helps out with animation!

  89. AlexMitan says:

    [..YouTube..] Honestly? This is the MOST helpful tut you made. Thanks!

  90. [..YouTube..] your amazing dude, thankyou.

  91. Tobestar10 says:

    [..YouTube..] thank youuuuuuuuu

  92. tuhkur102 says:

    [..YouTube..] ye i like to bone

  93. VPW64Mst says:

    [..YouTube..] Anyone that doesn’t have the Bone Tool in the Tools Panel in Adobe Flash (it is not available in Macromedia Flash I think), has Adobe Flash CS3 or older. Only Adobe Flash CS4 and later versions have it. This may have been stated before, I don’t know. Just iterating it if it has been stated, as there are a lot of questions about the existence of the Bone Tool.

  94. [..YouTube..] Im such a noob, I don’t even know how to put symbols on top of each other <_>

  95. [..YouTube..] @Shadow9T then optimize it. genius.

  96. Shadow9T says:

    [..YouTube..] I cant do anything, it says that the shape is too complex and that I should optimize it ><

  97. DickDatson says:

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  98. mmiicc0 says:

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  99. maxadam5 says:

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  100. echo12217 says:

    [..YouTube..] @011assasin that’s why i asked……….. dumbass.

  101. 011assasin says:

    [..YouTube..] @echo12217 Than you probely dont have cs4 or 5

  102. [..YouTube..] um.. would if your flash dosen’t have the bone tool? i’ve searched for it everywhere but i can’t find it

  103. echo12217 says:

    [..YouTube..] are these drawings created on adobe flash or are they created on another program?

  104. mechamind90 says:

    [..YouTube..] I am adding this video to my Bookmarks toolbar.

  105. kenthol923 says:

    [..YouTube..] my pictures always turn upside down and my bone tool says wont work with a group when i try to put it on my leg wtf is the problem can you help?

  106. G3org3Master says:

    [..YouTube..] @kanefamilyrecords right click > break apart

  107. [..YouTube..] @ElectricifyTV XD no ur not!

  108. Developwning says:

    [..YouTube..] How do you re-order the symbols? I’m creating a side view of a character with bones however some body parts overlap areas they shouldn’t and I need to re-order them.

    • IlluminaZer0 says:

      If you right click on an individual graphical element of the Armature and open the menu — underneath “free transform” is “arrange.” Using arrange you can change order to modify overlap.

  109. IntensePizza says:

    [..YouTube..] Hey, when I select my bone tool and start drawing with it nothing happens. I’m drawing a picture with the brush tool and I’m trying to animate it. Any insight as to why this happens would be great. -thanks

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