How to Draw a Cartoon Character in Adobe Flash

In this tutorial I go over my technique for drawing a cartoon character. This was once a premium tutorial that contained a sample file. Since I have now made this tutorial available for the public, that sample file is no longer available with this tutorial.



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    I have a problem. When i want to color this under the line i color whole. Where is the problem? How did you do that in 29:42?

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    what adobe flash version is this

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    Best. Program. Ever.

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    this is the worst set of tutorials ever

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    this is so bad i cant get over it.. very very bad animation it looks like a 10 year old made it.

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    Its almost the same as making a cod emblem lol

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    5:31 you are suddenly transported to the caribbean.

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    PLEASE RESPOND! when i draw with my pencil tool the lines are straight not curveddd

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    How do you save the character for later use?

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    I am new to flash animation, and this video was really helpful. Thanks

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    you are my flash god. you explain everything very clearly , without you i was a dumb in flas. but now i m an expert. i have watched your every flash tutorial. thank you charles, thak you so much !!!!!

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    I CAN’T FILL IN THE HAIR. someone please help me.

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    I cant fill in the mouth and hair

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    even if i use close large gaps in 17:10, it’s still error. i mean it color black on the whole face. pls help me.

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    This tutorial is excellent for learning Flash Character drawing, it covers the most important procedures and really gives you a very good start. Thanks especially for the clear explanations.

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    +Incredible Tutorials hey im having a problem when it comes to drawing the legs with the line tools- when i make them, and then try to fill them in with the color of my choice, it wont fill in. I even tried to smoothen the lines. What should i do?

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    Please someone answer! i cant fill in the hair! i tried all the gap sizes and still!

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    It cost money thoughTo piratebay I go!!!

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    I shall download this

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    This is the most useful and easiest tutorial ive ever seen. Thanx bro

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    I started to fill the first eyebrow and it will not fill the so I tried the fill the gap button you showed earlier and it does not show fill the gap it shows close the gap , any idea what i’m doing wrong???Thanks,Mae

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    Do you have to install anything to be able to play this on the server

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    So there is absolutely no way to draw freely in flash professional animation system?

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    can you import a custom image like a photo?

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    This is the artificial way. Animations are best when drawn! Not made up of circle tools!

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    I’m in the newest version of flash and I can’t find the eraser mode changer

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    when I use the paint bucket tool it doesn’t fill it in even after I use the gap option

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    Turned out ok, but I need plenty of practice with the pencil tool.

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    Out of many videos, yours is the best for a true novice like me and many others. Thank you for that.

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    my pencil tool doesn’t work the way yours does the lines wont smoothen properly I played with settings a bit to try and get it to work but no difference, ive only just got flash so im new to it

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    About drawing the nose. My problem is that my nose have edges unlike yours and I took the same procedures. How can I edit the smoothness of the pencil in order to create better shapes?

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    To anyone who are having trouble filling things in with the Paint Bucket tool. I have the solution! It’s easy. Select your brush, pencil etc. And make sure you turned object drawing mode off. Now redraw the lines, and you will see that you can fill it.

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    can you help me when I try to make an animation when I draw something on the first frame and I click on the second frame to make my second drawing my old drawing form the first frame is still there

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    12:54 Now you have eye. LOL i do have eye’s bro i had born with eye’s. Nice Tutorial.

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    Also, who ever can’t fill with the paint bucket tool, even with the fix shown in this video(like I did), here’s the solution: When you’re drawing the line with the pencil tool, before that, make sure that the option at the bottom of the screen, named “Object drawing” it’s not selected. That will fix this problem.

  125. Gabriel Andrei says:

    To everyone that has that curve problem with the pencil tool, here’s the solution: With your pen tool selected, at the bottom of the screen, in your toolbar there is a tool called Pencil Mode. This is probably set to Straighten. So you just set it to Smooth, and ther you go! You can draw smoothly your own character!Please like, so that the comment can be seen.

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    If it filled the face rather than the hair and you clicked over both, it may be because Flash thought you meant the face – click the lock on the layer with the face.

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  206. 000FUSION000 says:

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  207. 000FUSION000 says:

    when i draw the nose it becomes like in strait lines when i want it to curve somebody please HELP and my pencil tool is set to smooth

  208. 000FUSION000 says:

    Thank you very much for your reply and it really helped thanks:)

  209. EmuSnacks says:

    If you’re still having this issue, i suggest trying this. make sure you are NOT using object drawing mode (the icon at the bottom of the tools panel after selecting the pencil tool) to create those strokes. or, select the 4 strokes and click modify>ungroup. Also, you might have to lock all your layers afterwards except the one you wish to fill. I hope this helped.

  210. EmuSnacks says:

    Can someone help? when i try to fill the mouth the face gets filled too. I have the mouth on a different, layer and there are not gaps the ink would escape from either. Also, changing the “fill gap size” doesnt help me either, it still fills the whole face. The other question is, why do i get boxes surrounding the pencil lines i draw? and can i get rid of them?

  211. EmuSnacks says:

    okay i just figured it out, when you click on the pencil go to the last button at the bottom of the tool bar, and click on it, it’ll be in “straighten” mode. Just change that to smooth.

  212. EmuSnacks says:

    im having the same issue with the nose

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  230. InnocenceCorrode says:

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  352. INF0JUNKIES says:

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  436. JoshMcilroyPictures says:

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  446. SolidStateTech says:

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    Your a good tracher

  459. ic3d3monA says:

    thats why people invented Tablets . Tablets are not for internet browsing but for people that have to draw and then photoshop stuff.

  460. sheababeyeah says:

    how to i rig bones to this ? it has so many layers and i coudnt figure out how to add bone to my character, please repllly. (i have flash cs6 btw)

  461. Romaine Smith says:


  462. boswottels says:

    this sucks

  463. Octavio Veliz says:

    I was thinking the same thing!

  464. SuperKatyperryrocks says:

    7:25 thats where I stopped

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  473. Reiri Mazaki says:

    It’s unfortunate that Adobe Flash costs so much… RERUN ALL THE TRIALS!!!

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    Just to Remember i was at 34:25 so dont give me bad answers about this comment its just to remember where i was

  475. Scyionidas says:

    It’s possible but it will take way too much effort, it’s better to get a Wacom tablet if you really want to hand-draw.

  476. Scyionidas says:

    [..YouTube..] It’s possible but it will take way too much effort, it’s better to get a Wacom tablet if you really want to hand-draw.

  477. yoshikohaiikodayo says:

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  479. DaRkMaGIcIcN says:

    ty ty ty ty ty iam new with fp cs6 and this help alooooooooooooooot dude keep it up

  480. DaRkMaGIcIcN says:

    [..YouTube..] ty ty ty ty ty iam new with fp cs6 and this help alooooooooooooooot dude keep it up

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  482. cadu9911 says:

    [..YouTube..] that character haves a tumor in the face?

  483. qx4n9e1xp says:

    you sure could draw on paper, scan it to your computer, and bring it into the stage to redraw over it and animate that

  484. qx4n9e1xp says:

    [..YouTube..] you sure could draw on paper, scan it to your computer, and bring it into the stage to redraw over it and animate that

  485. adphlash says:

    [..YouTube..] I’d suggest something like the wacom bamboo – I animate with it and it’s amazing…only about 70 dollars too!

  486. Michael Comparone says:

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  487. [..YouTube..] my paint bucket tool won’t work for some reason on the pant leg.

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  489. [..YouTube..] too long . but very great

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  491. TheKevinv11 says:

    [..YouTube..] does this softwar require money if it is can you send me the link

  492. 8eyesurgery says:

    hey the pencil tool reverts to straight lines instead of curves after im finished drawing, so i cant draw decent looking nose and mouth :/ any help?

  493. 8eyesurgery says:

    [..YouTube..] hey the pencil tool reverts to straight lines instead of curves after im finished drawing, so i cant draw decent looking nose and mouth :/ any help?

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  495. elijahizere says:

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  496. PromethesBlue117 says:

    this was great but how do you increase the amount of white, because my character goes off of the chart? please reply and anyone who has this problem thumb this comment up so he can see

  497. [..YouTube..] this was great but how do you increase the amount of white, because my character goes off of the chart? please reply and anyone who has this problem thumb this comment up so he can see

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  501. dog009988 says:

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  507. muntheking says:

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  509. [..YouTube..] THANK YOU!! works perfect :D

  510. TheAnimator79 says:

    Yes, but you will need to break the image up into sections. (I.E. head, nose, eyes, mouth, ears)

  511. [..YouTube..] Yes, but you will need to break the image up into sections. (I.E. head, nose, eyes, mouth, ears)

  512. Cristian Martoiu says:

    you need to go down to pencil mode and select smooth lines

  513. [..YouTube..] you need to go down to pencil mode and select smooth lines

  514. [..YouTube..] you need to go down to pencil mode and select smooth lines

  515. WarCreeper says:

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  516. WarCreeper says:

    [..YouTube..] Yes, it is!

  517. MrCircleSquared says:


  518. Insan3Proj3ct says:

    how can i make smooth lines for example if i want to draw for example hair with the pencil-tool?all i get is straight lines which look rather ugly..

  519. [..YouTube..] how can i make smooth lines for example if i want to draw for example hair with the pencil-tool?all i get is straight lines which look rather ugly..

  520. malachy55 says:

    When I try to draw with the pencil it doesn’t seems to make it like circle…Is it because I need to draw it better or cause I’m doing something wrong?

  521. malachy55 says:

    [..YouTube..] When I try to draw with the pencil it doesn’t seems to make it like circle…Is it because I need to draw it better or cause I’m doing something wrong?

  522. muntheking says:

    Is it possible to draw on paper first before scanning it and animate it?

  523. muntheking says:

    [..YouTube..] Is it possible to draw on paper first before scanning it and animate it?

  524. [..YouTube..] Thank you! But every female face I try to draw looks like a transsexual…

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  526. [..YouTube..] so slow -_-!

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  532. [..YouTube..] Thank you so much bro! Cuz of you I finally made my first flash character. kinda…IMAGESHACK. US/PHOTO/MY-IMAGES/838/MFFCECBMYFIRSTFLASHCHA. jpg/mffcecbmmyfirstflashcha

  533. [..YouTube..] Anunnaki StudiosHey guys/girls , I know you all gonna hate me for this but I have to do it…an old friend of mine just create his own channel with adobe flash tutorials and gameplays HD I’m so sorry for the spam, but his desire is to reach 1000 Subscribersdo you think we can make him happy? it will be great, thanks!!!!Search for Anunnaki Studios or youtube/anunnakistudiosSorry lilredheadcomics for the spam.

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  536. [..YouTube..] i’m giving up before i even start

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  538. JakesTVshow says:

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  539. [..YouTube..] WTF is wrong with mine. The lines always keep getting straight when i and doing the nose and mouth. It’s anoying it doesn’t even look like yours. I can’t make the line perfect because when im trying to make the line the mouse moves…. And when i try to make the nose and mouth i make a square not round like yours.

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  545. [..YouTube..] why is the dots in my timeline not filled with black? i don’t know what went wrong. I think I followed the steps very closely. Anyone?

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  552. Cxc0nti7 says:

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  569. [..YouTube..] adobe flash… it says that in the damn title…

  570. chriscling says:

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  571. [..YouTube..] what is thsi program? some one pls tell me…..

  572. quarkimmedia says:

    [..YouTube..] You can do this MUCH EASIER and more efficient in QuarkXPress. Google “greenchees”.

  573. [..YouTube..] Hey, I’m a cartoonist, and I’m new to flash, before I saw this video, I was just messing around not caring what I was doing, when I saw this video it help me a lot. Thanks buddy.

  574. [..YouTube..] Thank You!

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  576. PixelSimon says:

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  577. [..YouTube..] WTF I SWEAR IM GONNA BREAK MY LAPTOP when i get to the hair part it wont fucking fill in !! I try the gap thingy and the shit doesnt work ! it has its own layer but still doesnt fill in !! HELP ME PLEASE im using the paint bucket tool btw !

  578. dmirkin2 says:

    [..YouTube..] The Pnecil kind of autocorrects itself, what can I do?!

  579. [..YouTube..] When i use the pencil tool and i select what i drew, it highlights it like its some kind of symbol and i cant fill it in no matter what i try!

  580. [..YouTube..] I do that and it just doesnt allow me to fill in the mouth and i tryed all the fill bucket settings (fill in gaps)

  581. [..YouTube..] When you click on the pencil go down to the bottom of the tool bar and look for the thing that looks like a step, select that and change it to smooth instead of straighten.

  582. [..YouTube..] When i fill the mouth in it fills in the whole head

  583. trexgoesmoo says:

    [..YouTube..] Hi guys, I’m wondering, if I want to save a picture as a jpeg, how do I do so? As well, what if I’m drawing for 3 panels? Do I have to put 3 separate pictures together or is there a way I can divide one workspace into 3 panels somehow to work with? Thanks !

  584. REmaster96 says:

    [..YouTube..] Thank you so much. I’ve had the Adobe suite for a few years now but I never really touched on Flash. I’ve started to work on some cartoons and this is the most helpful tutorial ever. You take your time and explain every little detail, which makes it really easy for me to follow. Great vid and sub!

  585. [..YouTube..] After selecting the pencil too, on the very right of the screen in the same vertical gray box that are the tools are located in, at the bottom below the color selections there will be a couple buttons.One of them should look kinda like a sideways Z. If you hover your mouse over it, it should say “Pencil Mode”. Click it and change it from Straighten to Smooth.

  586. Vertonica23 says:

    [..YouTube..] For some reason the pencil tool won’t let me change the smoothness. Can someone help me please??

  587. omarfikret says:

    [..YouTube..] is there an easy way to paint the nose and the mouth

  588. omar fikret says:

    [..YouTube..] is there an easy way to paint the nose and the mouth

  589. omarfikret says:

    [..YouTube..] i am having a problem in drawing the nose , i cant draw it, it is full with a angle can you please help me

  590. omar fikret says:

    [..YouTube..] i am having a problem in drawing the nose , i cant draw it, it is full with a angle can you please help me

  591. XFusionfly says:

    [..YouTube..] The Paint bucket wont let me fill my hair in please help it has a lock sign underneath it

  592. lapisrabbit says:

    [..YouTube..] When I try to copy and paste, it only pastes the fill. Why? I used the black and white pointer and selected EXACTLY what I want to have pasted in a new layer, and yet it only pastes in the fill of the layer it copied from.

  593. [..YouTube..] when you select the pencil, there is a tool at the very bottom of the right part (where all the tools are at) that’s named pencil mode. change pencil mode to smooth and no more square nose! :D

  594. legitxbz says:

    [..YouTube..] Q: i cant fill in the mouth it just fills the whole headA: just lock the layers execpt mouth and there u go THUMBS UP SO OTHER PEOPLE CAN SEE

  595. Cl0Oo says:

    [..YouTube..] Thank you =)

  596. [..YouTube..] Dang. Such steady hands.

  597. iowncod123 says:

    [..YouTube..] Q: when i fill the moth it fills the whole face, even when selecting “fill large gaps”?A: Make sure that all the layers are locked apart from the “mouth” layer!

  598. [..YouTube..] C10Oo he says delete

  599. gracekuangyl says:

    [..YouTube..] you gotta change your pencil mode to smooth. =) its at your tool bar…

  600. [..YouTube..] Thumbs up if you have safari i do XD

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  602. Cl0Oo says:

    [..YouTube..] Thank you very much for this tutorial, it is very clear. However, I’m French and I don’t understand at 30:59… Can you write what you say, and where you click please?

  603. bogabrain says:

    [..YouTube..] Um whoever it was? I cant remember now…Flash as2 motion control example here: watch?v=GGo-a-6MxM8Its is possible

  604. [..YouTube..] My eraser tool wont erase the lines… any help?

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  606. btigerface02 says:

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  607. neoflashtv says:

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  608. [..YouTube..] That happened to me so you need to select your pencil tool and then the icon at the bottom of the bar on the side changes that.

  609. 1simc1 says:

    [..YouTube..] thanks man. you realy saved me here :D

  610. RoJaStudios says:

    [..YouTube..] To make your lines curved not straight, click on pencil tool then a curved tool in the shape of an ‘S’ should appear in the bottom right of the screen. Click on it then click either smooth or ink, they both make let you curve

  611. [..YouTube..] When ever I draw lines with the pencil tool they always transform to straight lines not curved.

  612. rktechs says:

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  613. rikkent22 says:

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  614. [..YouTube..] When I first clicked on the video I saw 37:28 seconds and I was like WHOA! Then at the end I now think it was soooooooo worth it :D Thumbs Up If You Agree

  615. maxpowd3r says:

    [..YouTube..] go down to the bottom and select smooth

  616. [..YouTube..] Im having the same situation


  618. [..YouTube..] Thank you so much! This is perfect! So easy to follow along! :)

  619. [..YouTube..] Everytime I draw something it makes it straight what do i do

  620. TheALYVE says:

    [..YouTube..] If your nose goes square , go to the very last icon called Pencil mode and change it to smooth.

  621. [..YouTube..] Another question, Should I transform the object into symbol first before I use the bone tool? After I have drawn the character, is it time to transform it into symbols?

  622. [..YouTube..] When I used the pencil tool to draw any close object inside an oval, when I am about to fill it with a color using the paint bucket tool, it doesn’t work, but instead, the color fills the whole oval. But I always make sure that the object that I am drawing has no gaps. I always fail to fill it with a color. What should I do? Thanks. I am using the CS5.5 version, by the way.

  623. [..YouTube..] After I have drawn the character, what’s next? I am so confused with the symbols.

  624. Alster551 says:

    [..YouTube..] its becaus your pencil is on straight not smooth

  625. 113khayman says:

    [..YouTube..] will this work on macromedia

  626. Sonicustoms says:

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  627. RandaGhaffar says:

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  628. chenghayman says:

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  629. [..YouTube..] when i try to fill in my mouths on all fills in whole face :( help!!

  630. EdBanana91 says:

    [..YouTube..] You didn’t say how to solve the problem with the character being off the white screen (don’t know how to call that). How do I solve that?

  631. Zuretis says:

    [..YouTube..] Where is your tool bar, when you choose the pen tool, just go under it completely and there should be mini dropdown buttons, click on the straight lines and put it to the curved ones so it’s like his.

  632. [..YouTube..] Hi HTMorriswFX,I had the same problem to fix it is quite simple, select the “Pencil” Tool and then in the right hand colum right at the bottom click on the very last icon ; the icon is like a square line, then click that (keeping hold) and select the smooth option from the the drop down menu.

  633. Andaash says:

    [..YouTube..] How to i upload in HD? Reply please

  634. miecisko says:

    [..YouTube..] Hi. I can`t to fill shapes when it`s not drawn one line. Why?

  635. [..YouTube..] Hello! I just made this channel. My dream for the past 2 years have been to be on youtube and just entertain people. But i have not really been brave enough to put something out there. But i am finally ready to take the step and do something. So i created two channels, this one and another one called “Superunpolitical”. On here i will post weekly animated comedies. And on the other channel i will post weekly “Celebrity News/Scandals”. I hope my dream is coming true. Thumbs up to help! Thanks!

  636. KenneyFIVE says:

    [..YouTube..] you have the square pencil mode on.. to fix this look on the right panel and select the pencil, then go to the very bottom and change pencil mode to smooth or ink, whatever you want

  637. iAmHaze2012 says:

    [..YouTube..] “ill just pick the skin color” -__-

  638. [..YouTube..] Just change you’re pencil mode from “Straighten” to “Smooth” :) (It’s one of the options at the mid right after selecting the Pencil tool)

  639. zapteur3 says:

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  645. [..YouTube..] 11:53 I’m gonna shit… LOL

  646. [..YouTube..] Thanks so much!Had same problem

  647. GzYOZ says:

    [..YouTube..] at the bottom, on the right side, theres a button, saying; Object drawing. select the “smooth” and you’re free to draw!

  648. [..YouTube..] *cough* as long as you don’t click on the advertisements you should be fine *cough*

  649. bfoster15no2 says:

    [..YouTube..] *cough* tyler gets paid £1 a month for advertising *cough*

  650. [..YouTube..] thx for tutorial. i ill make a minecraft flash

  651. [..YouTube..] Thank you.. You helped me :)

  652. oSgtSquirtso says:

    [..YouTube..] When you have the pencil tool selected, on the bottom of the left toolbar, it’ll say “pencil mode” when you hover over it. Just hold that and select “smooth”

  653. adrian360z says:

    [..YouTube..] where the fuck do ye download this

  654. callmebob11 says:

    [..YouTube..] 11:50 “I’m gonna shi-” That was close :O

  655. nightbane2 says:

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  657. ulfindangie says:

    [..YouTube..] I don’t think you sound boring at all, in fact, you are quite delightful in your explanations. I am having the same issues with “going square” and “not being able to fill with the paint bucket tool.

  658. HTMorrisFX says:

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  662. thewriter333 says:


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  664. TheZerogreat says:

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  665. [..YouTube..] I can’t fill gaps with the paint backet tool.I ensure always to close the gaps but it doesn’t work.Can you help me?Ohh I want to tell you too that you are awsome and I subscribed you.Good workps:Sorry for my bad english:)

  666. razzamellon says:

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  667. [..YouTube..] YOU ARE SO BORING!

  668. [..YouTube..] YOU ARE SO BORING!

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    [..YouTube..] Apparently not, Again, It’s Your* and mom*.

  675. [..YouTube..] Ur mawm’s fixing it for me.

  676. turbo30067 says:

    [..YouTube..] Your* and mom* just fixing it for ya.

  677. [..YouTube..] Ur mawm is an idiot.

  678. [..YouTube..] if you dont have immortal mouse Accuracy like this guy and you suck at drawing hair like i do, just draw a rough shape of what you want, then use the subselection tool to tweak it until your happy.

  679. mttmtjem says:

    [..YouTube..] affermative

  680. turbo30067 says:

    [..YouTube..] Hahaha! Tylerfilmproduction1 is such a idiot. Honeslty!

  681. [..YouTube..] how do you install adobe flash because im going to create my own intro but i cant get adobe flash :(

  682. [..YouTube..] No. :Þ

  683. ActionStar00 says:

    [..YouTube..] BOTH OF YOU STOP IT! you guys are like 6 year olds. What is the point of your argument!? Neither of you will gain anything from this!

  684. glungie says:

    [..YouTube..] Wish what was free i cant see the vid because theres a 15 min ad on it lol

  685. Trekzable says:

    [..YouTube..] In the bottom to right it stands pencil mode. Then click smooth

  686. weasell96 says:


  687. MrDman729 says:

    [..YouTube..] Is this effin fight still goin on! XD

  688. [..YouTube..] What’s a “dick”.

  689. [..YouTube..] your dick

  690. [..YouTube..] 11:53 YOUR GONNA SHIT??

  691. [..YouTube..] *looks at peter griffin*

  692. [..YouTube..] What’s a “you”?

  693. MrDman729 says:

    [..YouTube..] @OpsanProductions Sumtin little kids say

  694. MrDman729 says:

    [..YouTube..] What is with the chin it looks like a ball, but if that he thinks what they’re supposed to look like I don’t really care

  695. [..YouTube..] What’s a “Dick Head”?

  696. [..YouTube..] Dick Head

  697. Brony Kymo says:

    [..YouTube..] Brony’s 4 Life.

  698. [..YouTube..] I don’t get it, you’re not making any sense, and it doesn’t have the slightest bit of relevance to our original conversation.

  699. [..YouTube..] is it free

  700. [..YouTube..] No, GAYBO

  701. sayrken says:

    [..YouTube..] Thank you for making this tutorial. It was really easy to follow.

  702. [..YouTube..] Um… Are you five? Is this a joke? Because if it is, it’s the worst one ever.

  703. [..YouTube..] Gay Gaybo (he knows nothing)

  704. [..YouTube..] Go crawl back to 9FAG where I allow you to mate and lay eggs so that other people like you sprawl through the Internet; ruining it.

  705. [..YouTube..] Learn how to spell the word correctly before insulting someone.

  706. landonparr says:

    [..YouTube..] 11:54

  707. [..YouTube..] (sigh) DOOSH BAG

  708. Anthonyk312 says:

    [..YouTube..] *cough* its not pirate bay its the people who put up fake torrents *cough*

  709. treyashton7 says:

    [..YouTube..] wtf is this ad break shit.makes me want to dislike the video

  710. [..YouTube..] USE PIRATEBAY.SE

  711. heath1056 says:

    [..YouTube..] Download AdBlock Plus for whatever browser you use and you’ll never see commercials again.

  712. [..YouTube..] or *COUGH* Use medifile

  713. [..YouTube..] *COUGH COUGH* ONLY DUMBASSES GET’S VIRUSES FROM PIRATEBAY *COUGH COUGH* Never had one virus from pirate-bay, while you easily get 10 undetected just by logging into facebook and pressing like on random shit.

  714. bigcasey1995 says:

    [..YouTube..] *cough*Torrents suck ass *cough* do a normal download *cough*

  715. TheFinjamin says:

    [..YouTube..] Look at this:/watch?v=pNngR5fIurQ&feature=plcp&context=C49bcbcbVDvjVQa1PpcFNx7uPAtGsqHDDNnl4enYV2QTN8vsFT6oE=It shows you how to get it for free.WARNING IT IS ILLEGAL.


  717. [..YouTube..] It’s really hard to follow a YouTube tutorial if you have 17 COMMERCIAL BREAKS


  719. [..YouTube..] You want to get Flash for free? You can get any program free.. With torrents… But Idk if you want to.

  720. [..YouTube..] *cough* the pirate bay *cough*

  721. [..YouTube..] Love this video. You did a great job. One question can you show us how to save it out or publish so that we can use in an html page.

  722. [..YouTube..] i wish it was free

  723. BenNvideos says:

    [..YouTube..] i love his animating but were not retards, 5 mins and just a skin coloured oval

  724. [..YouTube..] adobe Flash Professional CSS.5

  725. [..YouTube..] you just saved my school project, ty!

  726. lhaith1990 says:

    [..YouTube..] Its “Adobe flash professional” im using the cs.5 version!

  727. Ridarion says:

    [..YouTube..] really helpful, thank you very much

  728. orincat92 says:

    [..YouTube..] What if I want to make one with more than 1 character?

  729. [..YouTube..] Adobe Flash Professional. current version: CS5.5

  730. [..YouTube..] I has to go to bed now…

  731. the101gamers says:

    [..YouTube..] Can I get a link to where you download this program?

  732. ArtyxGaming says:

    [..YouTube..] this might be silly but please can someone tell me what is this program called because when i search for adobe flash all i get is some random program :I not an animation program

  733. [..YouTube..] A simple question how do you print press touch keyboard on mac? thx ps nice animation and very useful tutorial

  734. [..YouTube..] How to prevent the pencil from auto-correcting into blocky shapes:1) Preferences 2) Drawing 3) Recognized Lines: Off, recognized Shapes: Off

  735. [..YouTube..] did you figure out a solution to the pencil boxes?

  736. [..YouTube..] @LilredheadComics, Question: When I went to draw my nose, I drew the same shape you did, however the nose auto-corrected to sharp square shapes rather than smooth & round like yours. What did I need to do to make it round?

  737. RemainSwift says:

    [..YouTube..] Id just like to thank you so much, i had an assignment due in 2 days and was unsure of how to use flash, although my teacher was helping me i wasnt fully understanding the concept, so alas with 2 days till it is due and nothing to show for it i turned to your tutorials and im grateful i did, learning from your tutorials earned me an A- and has moved my grades up phenomonally, i hope to see more from you in future

  738. mancool124 says:

    [..YouTube..] loving the advertizement rape…

  739. jonioo1 says:

    [..YouTube..] You drew below the character the stage. How do you change the stage?

  740. [..YouTube..] This video is dildos

  741. tamama49 says:

    [..YouTube..] WTF is that chin tumor ?!

  742. Juan Silva says:

    [..YouTube..] Porque cuando trato de pintar la boca de negro, toda la cara se pinta de negro?

  743. Axl Rose says:

    [..YouTube..] Porque cuando trato de pintar la boca de negro, toda la cara se pinta de negro?

  744. FSnICHLOS says:

    [..YouTube..] I could make a tutorial like this in 5 min !

  745. spitster228 says:

    [..YouTube..] getting annoyed cause i cant draw long hair cause it goes all jaggedy instead of smooth when i let go of the pencil tool

  746. Hellaklo says:

    [..YouTube..] there’s a tumour on his chin!

  747. NEXZchannel says:

    [..YouTube..] Thank you so mutch!

  748. sethj1000 says:

    [..YouTube..] “remeber guys, before you start animating, open the program” yep, common sense is a freakin super power

  749. AntiHeroHull says:

    [..YouTube..] I hate the way you slap your mouth between sentances, it makes me want to fist your mouth like a strange porno flick!!!

  750. [..YouTube..] The bucket is really a pain in the arse

  751. [..YouTube..] You are very good at quick art that is meant to be an example. The only thing is he can do without the chin because it looks like a massive pimple LOL. Other than that you are the reason I will not make any mistakes on my new cartoon videos. Thanks very much.

  752. 0Artist0 says:

    [..YouTube..] What is with stroke and fill being reversed? I select paint normal on my brush, which one would assume is separate from fills because the brush option has a paint fill option in Brush Mode settings, I use my brush after setting the stroke to grey, but it paints in black, the color of the fill. Why does it do that?

  753. 0Artist0 says:

    [..YouTube..] “A lot of Flash animators like to use Shapes for everything” Damn it i want to draw my work not just manipulate shapes. I got a tablet and digital pen, I wanna draw digitally, not just use shapes. I don’t want to be one of those family guy style animators you know? I like this tutorial though. I like it a lot. But I’m hesitant to be one of those shape only artists. I actually draw, and I’m pretty good at that ;)

  754. Engetic1 says:

    [..YouTube..] you’re killing animation.

  755. Crazyfortv22 says:

    [..YouTube..] Can you show us how you got flash cs4 or downloaded it..

  756. [..YouTube..] why are my lines so jagged after they come out of the pencil tool even if it seems like i drawn them as smooth as you? is there a setting where the angles it makes are a bit less prominent?

  757. pXqclan says:

    [..YouTube..] i suprised the top comments not “MACCEPTION!”

  758. TheJakeSnod says:

    [..YouTube..] @The3dmaster11 oh ok

  759. [..YouTube..] i found out flash was used for the first season of mad on cartoon network and was used for fairy odd parents the first 2 seasons.

  760. [..YouTube..] you should try searching photoshop and adobe flash animation tutorial. usually photoshop isnt used with flash because flash is already very similar to phototshop only it has easier and stronger animation tools although photoshop and flash are sometimes used together for complex anime animation most cartoon animations and anime use flash alone.

  761. [..YouTube..] this was very helpful

  762. NemohhTv says:

    [..YouTube..] MINE TOO Do you know the fix?

  763. TheJakeSnod says:

    [..YouTube..] y u no use photoshop???

  764. [..YouTube..] 11:50 thumbs up for epicness :D

  765. darksword793 says:

    [..YouTube..] 11:54

  766. abubakr ali says:

    [..YouTube..] is ths a animator

  767. [..YouTube..] Do u use a drawing pad to draw it

  768. [..YouTube..] @lilredheadComics Hi I was just wondering when you have the pencil tool and you put it on with no fill how do you go back to a fill color

  769. TheGifted420 says:

    [..YouTube..] Shortcuts bro. They save so much time haha

  770. [..YouTube..] love the voice cracks ;)

  771. sphfresh says:

    [..YouTube..] It’s called the ‘Brush Tool’

  772. [..YouTube..] ขอบคุณค่ะ ;)

  773. [..YouTube..] HARD!!!!

  774. CJHaCKerZz says:

    [..YouTube..] OK sounds cool, Download: 900 MB, Time: 4 hours.Fuck THAT IDEA.

  775. tahashaikh15 says:

    [..YouTube..] My pencil just makes boxes….What Should I do to avoid it…PLease respond

  776. nettsam says:


  777. nettsam says:

    [..YouTube..] Too in-depth..

  778. AnyAnimation says:

    [..YouTube..] THanks!

  779. [..YouTube..] I was just wondering what animatino program has the most simliar drawing interface as microsoft paint where you can just right click and the mistake will erase quickly I find it hard to draw in flash where you have to keep clicking undo and going back and forth with the pencil and eraser??

  780. [..YouTube..] Is there any way to erase a quick mistake like on microsoft paint where you can just right click to erase what was just drawn or have a second color arranged for right click

  781. Scopingdeath says:

    [..YouTube..] This video has been rediculously helpful to me. Thank you very much!

  782. LiquidSpiral says:

    [..YouTube..] Nothing personal, but I really hate your art style. But you are still an amazing animator.

  783. [..YouTube..] He sounds like eric foreman

  784. MsHomax says:

    [..YouTube..] wow took me two hours but its real helpful. Thanks man

  785. [..YouTube..] 11:53 he’s going to shit

  786. [..YouTube..] Why is this video different from other youtube videos? In your video if i move my mouse along the progress bar i can see a small window popup with a preview, this doesn’t work with other youtube videos.

  787. [..YouTube..] Is this guy gonna stop talking?

  788. TheMonke22 says:

    [..YouTube..] when i try paint bucket the mouth it colors the whole face black. and yes i am on a seperate layer.

  789. humanluu says:

    [..YouTube..] Very nice video and i learned a lot out of it. You mind tell me what tool you used to record this tutorial

  790. papabeer1001 says:

    [..YouTube..] you now it’s dude right

  791. papabeer1001 says:

    [..YouTube..] @Blacky24782 you now it’s dude right

  792. lolman123852 says:

    [..YouTube..] @toxin1873 it took me 2 days to create a cartoon of 15 seconds

  793. raverius says:

    [..YouTube..] w w w.­howtodrawcartoon­sstepbystep.­vacau.­com

  794. movie627 says:

    [..YouTube..] i did watch all this without having the program -_- FUCK!But now i have it :I

  795. IEXxILEDI says:

    [..YouTube..] @toxin1873 Sometimes people spend months on a project so

  796. [..YouTube..] 37:28 HOLY SHIT LONG STUFF MAN!

  797. gamehipnosis says:

    [..YouTube..] Thanks you so very much the only problem I had was in CS 5.5 the paint bucket sucks ;) now im going to watch your animation video! AWAY!

  798. [..YouTube..] im gonna shit… im gonna SHIFT

  799. Blacky24782 says:

    [..YouTube..] Dood you ROCK

  800. Blacky24782 says:

    [..YouTube..] @Blacky24782 NVM, Sorted it

  801. Blacky24782 says:

    [..YouTube..] My hair wont fill, Please help

  802. Blacky24782 says:

    [..YouTube..] Flash Cs5.5 is TERRIBLE for drawing, The lines go all sort’s of silly shapes! It gets frustrating! Do you use Flash Cs4?.

  803. Blacky24782 says:

    [..YouTube..] My nose never works really

  804. Blacky24782 says:

    [..YouTube..] You are so helpful! You say everything clear and your recorder is clear

  805. [..YouTube..] @toxin1873 I have spent 8 hours.. still missing the hands

  806. [..YouTube..] where can i download this???

  807. drego5555 says:

    [..YouTube..] any helpwatch?v=p71W3qyZMDI&

  808. drego5555 says:

    [..YouTube..] @blesschrist same problem

  809. drego5555 says:

    [..YouTube..] cant fill the fucking mouth

  810. drego5555 says:

    [..YouTube..] cant flip the fucking mouth

  811. PS3User5 says:

    [..YouTube..] hey, can you upload a picture to it? so you know the dimensions of the person that you are drawing?

  812. blesschrist says:

    [..YouTube..] HI i’ve been following your information, but when i try to fill the mouth or hair, it takes the face. Do you know what i need to do?

  813. [..YouTube..] @rolltide785 Lock all the layers, and make them not visible, you can do these on the layer icons the little white notches beside the Layer name, and just draw the backround the way he draws the charcters.

  814. [..YouTube..] @Kaaskop199 Highlight the whole drawing with the selection tool and go to modify at the top, and click on Convert To Symbol, choose movie clip (you can learn about that through videos) and convert it, then you can see it and drag it out to the canvas whenever you want (Library is the little books). To change the size, click on the other selection tool that looks different and highlight the whole thing and you can figure out how to change the size.

  815. [..YouTube..] @MuffinMunch3rFilms go to preferences, then go to drawing and unclick the “straighten lines” button

  816. Kaaskop199 says:

    [..YouTube..] what to do after you draw it?how do i save it and get it to fit in the white screen please help can’t find a video for it

  817. [..YouTube..] 11:51 :) tee hee

  818. max16464 says:

    [..YouTube..] WHAT WEDSITE!?

  819. fyah9pm says:

    [..YouTube..] i drew a different mouth

  820. fyah9pm says:

    [..YouTube..] cant draw the noes

  821. VanVoorne says:

    [..YouTube..] Why do all my drawn lines turn into green lines? adn how to undo it????

  822. supatreeck says:

    [..YouTube..] how do i animate the mouth?

  823. [..YouTube..] when i use the pencil tool to make the nose or the hair, after its done, it changes it to like straight lines and ruins it

  824. [..YouTube..] When I convert the character to symbol the layers get all out of order! >.< Help please!

  825. [..YouTube..] did you hear this too? ”shet” at 11:53

  826. Priggleful says:

    [..YouTube..] *Two hours in*me ‘He’s Looking Good’Windows ‘This program has crashed’me ‘GOD DANG IT!!!!’

  827. [..YouTube..] i hate it my buket wont fill in in pencil lines

  828. rolltide785 says:

    [..YouTube..] @lilredheadcomics can u create backgrounds 2??

  829. [..YouTube..] thanx buddy, youare audible enuf and very in detail eben a complete tard wud understand you.

  830. L33TPWNERS says:


  831. T3hAxle says:

    [..YouTube..] Why is there a tumor on his cheek?

  832. rolltide785 says:

    [..YouTube..] Can u do backgrounds 2?

  833. rolltide785 says:

    [..YouTube..] Can u make backgrounds

  834. Anuxarzadon says:

    [..YouTube..] @sariH512 i was going to say the same thing…

  835. sariH512 says:

    [..YouTube..] 11:54 sounds like ur sayin “im gonna shit.. im gonna hold on shift” xD

  836. toxin1873 says:

    [..YouTube..] Its simple… Took me 4 hours to make XD

  837. gremnkai says:

    [..YouTube..] If you cant fill in mouth or hail you probable used separate lines to make it instead of a continuous line. So you need to select each individual part with selection tool and right click on it. Select Break Apart on each part.

  838. MADDTROY says:

    [..YouTube..] Adobe ROCKS!!

  839. p99will2 says:

    [..YouTube..] Thanks. This is one of the best TUTs I’ve ever seen. Very well lade out and you had a clear voice. Helped a lot. Thanks. Definitely a thumbs up.

  840. [..YouTube..] Thanks! I’m going to go ahead and try to, um, go ahead and try going ahead. Then I’m going to go ahead and go ahead again. But seriously, the tutorial helped, haha!

  841. akosidamo says:

    [..YouTube..] dude when i try to fill the mouth it fills the whole face, how can i fix the problem?

  842. ItzxJeezus says:

    [..YouTube..] @Phantom2820 where ! ?

  843. ItzxJeezus says:

    [..YouTube..] dude I can’t do the nose !!!!!! My nose is rectagular and I don’t find how to make it like you !

  844. ItzxJeezus says:

    [..YouTube..] Hey I have some problem with the nose .. when I do it .. it look like a rectangle

  845. josegilbelo says:

    [..YouTube..] look! the guy has a boner

  846. 60spaure says:

    [..YouTube..] @Phantom2820 YOU MADE MY DAY :D

  847. Phantom2820 says:


  848. Phantom2820 says:


  849. Phantom2820 says:


  850. Phantom2820 says:


  851. seraforallyc says:

    [..YouTube..] thanks you this really helped me out :3you should direct people to the following vids though I got a little lost on where to go next after this O_o

  852. freakup2 says:

    [..YouTube..] how do you draw the mouth soo awesomely

  853. freakup2 says:

    [..YouTube..] @DasBeda thx dude

  854. DasBeda says:

    [..YouTube..] @freakup2 im not using the english version of flash so its kinda hard to explain. but basically, after you select the pencil there are these pencil-options on the bottom yof your toolbar. (the bar in which you also select the pencil) and there are diffrent peciol modes: straighten, smoothen or freehand. and these options let you draw rounder shapes.

  855. freakup2 says:

    [..YouTube..] plz help i cant draw the nose all the lines become strait like squares plz help

  856. freakup2 says:

    [..YouTube..] @DasBeda how did you fix it avery time i draw something from the pencil it get all square type plz help

  857. [..YouTube..] lol “i gonna go over here and hold shit hoh hold shift” 11:51

  858. DasBeda says:

    [..YouTube..] @DasBeda nevermind my last post, I just figured out how to stop this bullshit…

  859. DasBeda says:

    [..YouTube..] The “strokes becoming straight lines thing” is really annoying. whenever I draw a hand flash changes it to a goddamn square! wtf? But this tutorial is seroiulsy helping me out…

  860. OklahomaBott says:

    [..YouTube..] i got problems with the nose… everytime i draw it the strokes become lines >.< can anyone help me?

  861. kastastan says:

    [..YouTube..] @60spaure use a brush. if you want anyway. i would really recommend it.

  862. 60spaure says:

    [..YouTube..] my lines are okay when i draw but after they are harsh (curves are sometimes changed to straight lines)

  863. MrZolyek says:

    [..YouTube..] @MasterOfTheEpics Just flash is kinda buggy

  864. neoneo23 says:

    [..YouTube..] just downloaded flash player, im an experience RPG maker Spriter…… i am going to PWN THIS SHIT

  865. MrZolyek says:

    [..YouTube..] Flash is stupid buggy…I cant bucket few things (ya i check that all is connected, and it is)Thats why i never would buy cd key for flash

  866. TheEAskater says:

    [..YouTube..] is this how they make shows like family guy? or could you give me an example of a cartoon that uses adobe flash

  867. [..YouTube..] @LilredheadComics the chin ruins it for me but still awesome vi have u made and cartoons

  868. [..YouTube..] wtf? when I try to fill in hair I use every gap fill and still didnt let me fill it in! HELP! .3.

  869. [..YouTube..] wuts the website

  870. MegaJamtoast says:

    [..YouTube..] @XxTOTALROCKSTARxX hahaha you said humbs up

  871. [..YouTube..] the fill bukket is fkn bad

  872. [..YouTube..] humbs up if you think 8:57 kinda looks like kirby

  873. ThePainter49 says:

    [..YouTube..] what song did you use

  874. jeremimichal says:

    [..YouTube..] @FrankyDee08 The trial version should be on adobe website. I’ve downloaded the whole master collection for mac from Adobe UK. I think you have firs to click on “Buy” but I am not sure.

  875. jeremimichal says:

    [..YouTube..] Thanks for your great tutorials. I have to prepare project for college work and I want to make it in flash.

  876. FrankyDee08 says:

    [..YouTube..] I cant find a trail version for mac anywhere :/

  877. ATBrec says:

    [..YouTube..] @FrankyDee08 haha xD

  878. alewo111 says:

    [..YouTube..] I dont understand the symbol it just doesnt work for me?

  879. Mille3ever says:

    [..YouTube..] 2:50 don’t say that, it’s a bit racist. Love your tutorials.

  880. bobmarleypkr says:

    [..YouTube..] Thanks for you guide works for 5.5 all the same options

  881. bobmarleypkr says:

    [..YouTube..] Thanks for you guide works for 5.5 all the same options

  882. [..YouTube..] The Paint Bucket Colours In His Full Face Not His Mouth. IT IS ON A SEPERAT LAYER.

  883. OxInABox3 says:

    [..YouTube..] When drawing the mouth, I was unable to fill in the shape, even after telling flash to close large gaps. help?

  884. [..YouTube..] 13:50-14:15 forgeting something

  885. [..YouTube..] @MultiAllanski Now I know what you can do you do the same thing but use paint brush

  886. [..YouTube..] @UhAtomic the same thing happens to me

  887. starterpivot says:

    [..YouTube..] @rhysdevil2 touch screen computer maybe

  888. UhAtomic says:

    [..YouTube..] can someone help me? whenever i try to draw freehand it comes out all straight and jagged, not curved at all

  889. rhysdevil2 says:

    [..YouTube..] How are you drawing so perfectly?

  890. RoverIAC says:

    [..YouTube..] @BigTuna1987, Do or do not. There is no pissed.

  891. BigTuna1987 says:

    [..YouTube..] i had trouble painting the pants because it was lock so i gave up because i was getting pissplease help me>>>>

  892. BlockWare says:

    [..YouTube..] How come my pencil tool makes my lines so jagged?

  893. DDazzle1 says:

    [..YouTube..] Thanks a bunch, mate.

  894. UEKillerRR says:

    [..YouTube..] good video put at 11:51 you said shit but u mean’t shift

  895. [..YouTube..] ctrl c and ctrl v is the only way to copy and paste

  896. theartfever says:

    [..YouTube..] Looks like he’s got a fuckin’ tumor in his chin.

  897. sonicdazh says:

    [..YouTube..] everytime i draw something it has a blue box and messes up everything pls help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  898. [..YouTube..] @ivzkie1 As he showed in the vid, almost at the bottom of the tools, you can see a circle that you can change to big gap or something like that :)

  899. ivzkie1 says:

    [..YouTube..] Help! Why i can’t colour the hair???

  900. Chainsawyou says:

    [..YouTube..] How to you set The timeline bar to the bottom? mines all gay and stuff sitting on the top…

  901. [..YouTube..] @stilliving nvm figured it out lol

  902. [..YouTube..] @stilliving do u know why i cant colour the hair? the head get coloured instead! :(

  903. [..YouTube..] AHH your lines are soo smooth and perfect, mine are jagged and have edges ! how do you do that?! lol

  904. Putz4Ever says:

    [..YouTube..] Please answer!!! What do you use to record… Im planing on making a flash tutorial, and already have 3 screen recorders but there no as good.

  905. SituationXV says:

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  906. mk19752004 says:

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  913. [..YouTube..] i was so getting into the video and then a commercial popped up….stoopid youtube

  914. [..YouTube..] @jacobknighj it because you’re working with an object drawing…turn it into a merge drawing and the drawing will be shaded when selected.

  915. afker553 says:


  916. [..YouTube..] @jacobknighj use the paintbrush tool

  917. 77kenan771 says:

    [..YouTube..] @jacobknighj haha same here dude i think its because we have CS5?

  918. jacobknighj says:

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  932. [..YouTube..] @Hawkstar888 If, for example, your doing sonics muzzle, you would grab the muzzle and move it off his face. Then color it in there

  933. [..YouTube..] @Hawkstar888 Im having the same issue.

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  938. Hawkstar888 says:

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  939. Hawkstar888 says:

    [..YouTube..] @TheDrTwist when you have the pencil selected, the last icon on the side should be “pencil mode”, click and then select “Ink”

  940. [..YouTube..] whenever i try to fill in the hair the bucket has a lock next to it and it doesnt fill

  941. [..YouTube..] @TheDrTwist At the bottom of the tools while in the pencil tool there is a thing that says Shape drawer and Line drawer. Click shape drawer and you are good! I hoped this helped you. I’m new to flash and I was playing around trying to fix your problem and it was a lucky find. -MrChickenCookie

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  944. [..YouTube..] @TheDrTwist choose smooth in pencil mode :)

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  946. truckcompany says:

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  948. RATHAHONNI says:

    [..YouTube..] @truckcompany ,Hi, i feel u’r frustration at times but the upside is when u do learn it,u don’t forget it.Just watch the tutorial again and again,seem’s u always miss something,keep at it and good luck!

  949. RATHAHONNI says:

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  950. RATHAHONNI says:

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