How to Make a Cartoon Character Talk in Adobe Flash

In this lesson I show you how to make a cartoon character talk from beginning to end. This includes recording the voice, drawing the mouth poses and syncing that voice to an animated mouth. We even go a little deeper by exploring some facial expressions. This was once a premium tutorial for my website. This free version does not contain the sample files I talk about in the video.



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  2. Cassie Whinnie says:

    Question: When I finished syncing the mouth and went back to my scene, the lips don’t match up exactly, but it matches fine in the symbol. What’s going on?

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    45 minutes worth of footage? I need to get a life

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    thank u very much, this really helps a lot!!!! :)

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    How to move both synced lips and the character through the video?

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    I can only find this on human mouths, what about if your making a animation on wolves, and the wolves talk?

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    i Can’t make head as symbol after the head please help

  9. Karol Zivkovic says:

    I mine one using paint! Go to my channel and give me your thoughts.

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  11. skyward aspirationz says:

    How do you make the C sound? My character looks really off

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    Q: which version of adobe is this????

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    Thanks for finally talking about >How to Make a Cartoon Character Talk in Adobe Flash | IncredibleTutorials
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    theres a couple things that could be. you could use a better mic, but first I would get a better sound card with direct xlr inputs. tascam sells one in a combo with a mic for less than $100 thats pretty decent

  22. AnimationCreation403 says:

    SOMEBODY HELP! I record my voice in audacity but it has a lot of static. Can someone help!?

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    She forgot how to open the door.

  24. xXGreenXx90 says:

    She forgot how to open a door.

  25. xXGreenXx90 says:

    Someone please help me! When ever I double click the body frame I made it just selects the top frame I made. It won’t let me move the body around unless I turn off all the other layers or move the top layer out of the way.

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    how do i make a character walk and talk and blink at the same time

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    i cant fill the color help!

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    I can’t get the cartoon to say two things do I need to make one length on what he says or can I put in two sounds in a row.

  34. ZeNarwhalEmpire says:

    Can someone please help me? I set the sync setting to stream, but when i pause the video then unpause it, the audio plays from the beginning. I am using flash professional cc. What do i do?

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    It’s called ”Anime Studio Pro”.

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    15:00 can’t stop laughing XD Sorry. I just found it very funny :D

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    Adobe Flash

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    how did you make you’re character a symbol?

  44. gamefan6219 says:

    how did you make the head a symbol?

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    its fucking flash! are you blind or something?

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    What is the best kinda microphone to use ? Or which ones should I avoid using.

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    You spelt your name wrong.

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    That’s what he’s asking…

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    20:23 , Not letting me double click in my animation!!! D:::

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    can a laptop take this

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    What would that be then?

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    What is the Program?

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    how many software’s you use to make a animation cartoons and which are these names Please

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    are you from michigan? cuz when you said “hire” it sounded michigander

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    YOU say “with that!!!” A Lot with that said this is a good video

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    That is a famous Norman Rockwell painting.

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    Lower the fps, or make the same image for two frames :D

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    Instructions not clear enough, dick got stuck in ceiling fan.

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    which one is that?

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    This confusing as f…….

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    cant find the looping in CS6 :( is not in my properties :(

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    I am proud to say I have just made my first animation, and it aint too shabby! Thanks a lot for these videos, they were a gigantic help!

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  66. Gary Carter says:

    I’ve followed the tutorial, but can’t get the voice to come out on the swf file. How do you get the mouth 1 talking symbol to work on Scene 1?

  67. Gary Carter says:

    I’ve followed the tutorial, but can’t get the voice to come out on the swf file. How do you get the mouth 1 talking symbol to work on Scene 1?

  68. Erick Escolero says:

    this is the way you do it. it just takes time. which is why people get paid for doing it. there is a fast way.. but the animation is gonna be shitty.

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    What if I told you… You don’t have to fill at the very edge of a space

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    U sound like steve carell it’s awsome

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    Thts borning

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    you did a few confusing things with the mouth. i love all your videos, but for this, could you make the mouth, make it a symbol right away, then add in the mouth poses?

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    Check out my new blood tutorial!!!

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    Jesus Christ much work to do only (what are you doing) thats too much work to make a lil kid animated movies

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    This seems difficult…

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    when i draw a cartoon in flash it wont fill and a cant see any gaps in between the lines.

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    17:31 The mouth/teeth looks like a white b*llend! xD

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    Thanks, this helped a lot. Very straight forward and informative. No double speaking or bs runaround. Definitely referring you to friends learning flash. PEACE!

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    what did you just change the time thing?

  88. Darrell Jones Jr. says:

    Whoa, You did that in 4 in the morning? You should get some sleep.

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    help my template/motion editor dissapearred what should i do so it will come back?

  90. ReUp Rell says:

    i cant find my loop button i have cs5 but i dont see it on the side like yours

  91. ReUp Rell says:

    i cant find my loop button i have cs5 but i dont see it on the side like yours

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  93. techgenius2000 says:

    no! audacity and flash pro cs4 -.-

  94. techgenius2000 says:

    I use adobe audition

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  96. KodieCollings360 says:

    don’t you just wish there was software that you could program to automatically match symbols with noises

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    I found this helpful

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    download like photoshop or illustrator , it works with flash becuase its all adobe .. paint probbaly not xD

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    Douh! :(

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    paint.. -.-

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    adobe flash

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    Audacity and Macromedia Flash. I think you call it audacity.

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    So… If I made a picture of a character using paint I wont be able to import it here? I haev to redraw all my work on this program or there is a way to make it work?

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    my little pony friendship is magic is made by this…this was a born of the most amazing animators

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    well, if you’re handrawing you can just animate every frame for every phoneme.

  110. syscolin says:

    So, basically….using this program I will need like 30 minutes to animate a 2-3 second voice animation? No offence (I like your work) but is there another program that you can use for moth animation, especially when you want to create a 2-3mins cartoon series on YouTube?Thx!

  111. stoph2 says:

    So what this method means is that if you insert another scene and try to get that one to speak your first scene will be ruined.

  112. Zak Kozlowski says:

    That looks really chunky but to make it better you can shape tween it thumbs up if you agree

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    u didn’t say to us how can we save the vedio..

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    I need you to explain how to make the layers of the mouth with Photoshop for EX.when i hit hide it hides my entire charter…please help

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    24:17 Mouth goes weird

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    for the action of the animation 43:00

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    I can do Voices :) haha (For the character)

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    not understanding anything here. to fast!

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    oh, and the reason that flash doesnt like mp3 files, is because mp3 files are such a low sample rate, the quality doesnt even touch that of a .wav file.thus, flash opps for quality sound.

  130. Ben Kraft says:

    as a producer of music, i got a real kick out of the “i wonder how many db’s we should do”

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    What are the programs you used

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    Thank you so much for the tutorial cheers

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    “Play With Yourself”?…OK!! :D

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    4:50′ish you dont have to highlight the whole thing you can just click on the gray audio track box on the left and it highlights the whole track

  135. Randy Peay says:

    I use cs6, and from 19:30 i’m lost, everything up that point was perfect but when i get there, nothing that you do works when i try it. please inbox me if you make an update video for cs6

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    How do you get all your layers in the head symbol????

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    Shut the hell up! He is taking his time and he is helpful! Some people go so fast and dont help so appreciate him, he doing fine! LOVE YOUR VIDS LilredheadComics!

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    ilythankyouso much sir ;D best tutorialist ever.

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  141. TheMCCos says:

    [..YouTube..] When I upload an animation then the quality is bad, please help me

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  143. TheMCCos says:

    [..YouTube..] I don´t have the “looping” option please help me

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  145. qx4n9e1xp says:

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  151. GraphicalMe says:

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  279. pakiiiiiz says:

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  280. pakiiiiiz says:

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  396. [..YouTube..] Hey Can Any1 please help me i like drawing in Ms Paint i need to paste an image in Flash but make the white background of it Transparent how would I do this? everytime i copy and past from paint to flash i get a big white block in the background of my image that will not go away and without making it transparent i won’t be able to make my charectors head, arms , legs ect.. please help & Thanks in Advance for any1 who can help.

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  408. [..YouTube..] @Horrormaniacs2 Google “convert swf to avi”, choose one of the free programs listed, and have fun :)

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  440. [..YouTube..] @olivjuice013 you can buy it at best buy, online at or download the free trial..

  441. 1a2n34 says:

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  442. charnation says:

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  458. [..YouTube..] @BMXnSTFF Adobe Flash CS4orAdobe Flash CS5

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  467. FuzeMax says:

    [..YouTube..] @BMXnSTFF Lol no, this is flash 9 or 10 not sure xDAfter effects is just for video editing and adding special effects. It cant make animation like that as far as i’m concerned.

  468. BMXnSTFF says:

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  469. CalmBeatles says:

    [..YouTube..] @LilredheadComics I would call this an amazing tutorial video!I would not say he (You) have done anything wrong…That is exactly what he is telling you “Animotionarts”, there is some different methods & I really like this one. :) HallStudio

  470. F2E002 says:

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  471. tititita8 says:

    [..YouTube..] @animotionarts Hey Mr Animationarts, People like you end up pretty much hating the world that surrounds you. Your commentssay everything about you. A lot of us find amazing insight into what Lilredheadcomics has to say. Your hatred and ugly view of this world only remains in your mind. Wake up.

  472. [..YouTube..] @animotionarts Just because I showed a different method doesn’t mean I am wrong. I would love to see your method but of course, like most people who complain or bash, you have none of your own work on YouTube to show. Just like how you hate it when people post different methods of doing a task, I hate it when so called “know-it-alls” boast about their own ability and rag on others. If you don’t like my method, that’s fine, just use your own. I never said this was the absolute only way.

  473. [..YouTube..] This guy has done everything wrong. Don’t listen to this tutorial. first of all when you do mouths you need to create the key mouth positions and then IB them. also.. make your mouth pose level a symbol first then create all your mouth positions in that level, as you need happy sad confused etc mouth designs… Anyway, I hate people that post crap like this. He doesn’t have real animation knowledge!

  474. mono98 says:


  475. Pedr6500 says:

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    [..YouTube..] @AnimationsInColors Go to Modify > convert to symbol > where it says registration there will be a little square with 9 points on it, this will let you choose where you want your registration point to behope that helps (:

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  545. The5558705 says:

    [..YouTube..] i dont know i cant find it but i found the whan with the black background

  546. [..YouTube..] @ProSkilllz Alright, so go to the top of your page and go to Edit-Preferences-Drawing (Or press Ctrl-U). Then you can select if you want it to smooth lines, recognize shapes, etc. and so forth.

  547. Hofui says:


  548. Hofui says:


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  563. [..YouTube..] where is yhe download link\

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  592. Robotcam says:

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