Setting up an Establishing Shot in Flash (Youtorial Demo)

In this Adobe Flash Youtorial demo, I demonstrate the beginning steps to setting up an establishing shot. Here we will draw out the planet to prepare it for our movie. In the final tutorial you will polish up the planet, animate the scene and add text.

This video is only a preview of the full lesson. To see the lesson, gain access to project files, and view the entire Animated Flash Cartoon series, please visit the Youtorial Marketplace.



  1. AAplayer13GOA says:

    Can someone help me in Adobe Flash please?I my first couple of frame is a guy walking by a building with a poster on my stage, in the next couple of frames, i need to to like zoom in, into the poster so that the whole poster will take over the screen…what tool is there that does that or how do you do that ??

  2. SuperRorylewis says:

    lol nice, ur voice cracks a lot lol

  3. [..YouTube..] lol nice, ur voice cracks a lot lol

  4. Mrassassinman1 says:

    Add the ending!!!

  5. [..YouTube..] Add the ending!!!

  6. [..YouTube..] Add the ending!!!

  7. TheSerek1 says:

    twenty-seven :D

  8. TheSerek1 says:

    [..YouTube..] twenty-seven :D

  9. TheSerek1 says:

    [..YouTube..] twenty-seven :D

  10. WWEMayhem says:


  11. WWEMayhem says:

    [..YouTube..] second

  12. WWEMayhem says:

    [..YouTube..] second

  13. talaleshki says:


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