Walking Animation with Flash CS4 Bone Tool

In this Flash CS4 tutorial I show you how to do a looping walking animation by utilizing the bone tool and symbols.



  1. SleemShadyR says:

    Thanks man your tutorials have learnt me a lot

  2. Blessing Olubanjo says:

    It is a very good thing to share your knowledge with others. God bless him

  3. Omega Sukumar says:
  4. Isabella Oates says:

    Hi +Chad Troftgruben , so I was just wondering what a pose is compared to a frame and key frame all that. Thanks. I have to make this animation for my VET animation course at school so if you could get back to me on this question, I’d really really appreciate it. Thanks so much, great tutorial, really helped. Bella :D

  5. Isabella Oates says:

    Hi, great tutorial. Just wondering what a pose is compared to a key frame and frame and all that. Thanks :D

  6. Máté Nagy says:

    Hi! I tried to use the bone tool on my character waht I made in photoshop, but the program writes this: “Cannot link bitmap objects” I would glad you if you help me

  7. Antonio Gonçalves says:

    Hello.Your explain it s nice and very good.I will wacht more times to learn it.Antonio Gonçalves,Brazil

  8. Lev Singh says:

    and then can we use this symbol and put it inside a keyboard event listener, will it still animate?

  9. picklickwick says:

    Ew.. Your a mac

  10. Hip-Hip Dale says:

    You’re AMAZING !!! Thank you so much :*

  11. Jaedon Tan says:

    Why use classic tween when you can use motion tween? I’m just wondering.

  12. Devita Wulandari says:
  13. Jiwan Thapa says:

    how to select bone tool

  14. Crypto says:

    Do you have to go to college to become an animator?

  15. devthedoodler says:

    I finally found an easier way to animate my cartoon characters walking instead of doing the 8 frame cycle way. :D

  16. merlin bierekofen says:

    I did everything (created a cartoon character) made him a symbol within symbol. Now i’m wondering because when i’m in the symbol: “walking character 2″ and want to use the bone-tool the bone tool only works on the legs but not on the feet. When i try to move the second “bone” from the knee to the shoe it appeard an symbol and i cant fix the second “bone” on the shoe. Like i said it only worked in the leg. By the way i put the leg and the shoe on one layer ……… Maybe someone can help me. Thanks!

  17. Richard Dale says:

    You have him tick-tocking, as a drill sergeant would say. As an animator you should look at real people, and it is natural to swing the arm with the opposite leg (as is the case in a marching step). You have moved the arm with the near leg.

  18. UnderVoid says:

    That bulg on the characters face looks like the bubonic plague

  19. Roland Sampson says:

    :-D Nice tut, you might just want to sync the arm with the correct leg first time round, it saves doing it over :-D

  20. Nick's Game Reviews says:

    Considering that I’m using Adobe Flash Professional CC, where can I find the bone tool?

  21. Charlie Handley says:

    Please can you make a rap animation

  22. Utku Can Varol says:

    That’s great, thank you first of all.However I have a problem on my example. On “Walking 1″ I cannot see “Walking 2″ motion and on “Scene” I cannot see both of Walking 1 and Walking 2 motions, my character just moves right side without any leg motion! What can be the problem?Thanks in advance.

  23. Peter June says:

    This is AWESOOME….hahaha feel so ignorant :(

  24. ruubz001 says:

    is there a similar tool in flash pro cc ?

  25. Nitromethanification says:

    Dat chin doe…

  26. ewioia dsadjsald says:

    i try to use the bone tool but when i do it it says “IK bone cannot be applied to stroke” help plz!

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  28. te Animator says:

    Your advice tutorials about Adobe Flash and Premiere have been a huge help to my own projects. My friends and I also like making animations and it would be great if you could check it out. Cheers!

  29. James Irwin says:

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  30. Jake Macca says:

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  32. ItsDa Pete says:

    Can you do this on Flash CC?

  33. MrWtfisjuicee says:

    Good tutorial! You should check out my animations and tell me what you think! :)

  34. Meano Meto says:

    wooooooooooooooooooooooooooow i love that >>>thanks 4 ur help

  35. pajokamikaze says:

    Please help! I got a problem in CS6… My Paint Bucket Tool is not working properly, example: when i click on a ball on the gras to fill the color, it fills everything around, the gras etc, not just the ball… I did close the circle on the ball, i mean there are no holes that the color from Bucket Tool can escape, and to be sure i did try all the Gap Size options, especially the first one (full circle icon), and i did fill the layer where the ball is… I can fill normal too the 46th keyframe, after that it fills everything… I’m using Windows 8 64bit…

  36. TheLawind says:

    Couldnt he just move the layers in order like body>right_leg>left_leg to make the line dissapear?

  37. Animated Thario says:

    Easy just drag

  38. Gary Hewitt says:

    You didn’t need to break your leg animation into separate frames. You could have just put a little blue box over the black line on another layer and if needed animate the blue box back and forth. That way you could go into your animation boning and tweek whenever you wanted to.

  39. Stuie says:

    your lip smacking is that annoying that i cant watch any more

  40. pikachu2019 says:

    that character is ugly

  41. Johnny C says:

    i put the shoe layer over but i cant seem to send the foot behind the leg the send to back option is in grey

  42. Sleipe åco says:

    sheldon! i cant find the bone tool!please help sheldon!

  43. Sleipe åco says:

    i cant find the bone toolhelp?

  44. TRISTAN SUUD says:

    that character is fat

  45. TeamBanaan says:

    how do you put 2 layers together?

  46. adny Mountain says:

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  53. CommanderChompie says:

    What kind of drawing talbet do you use, and what kind of drawing tablet would you reccomend to a beginner?

  54. COMMUNITYKraft says:

    You just got a sub

  55. COMMUNITYKraft says:

    Dude keep your shit up, it is actually helping me

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    have you bought/ downloaded it?

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  63. uber cow says:

    Adobe flash, Not flash player

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    What is Adobe flash that u use to do all that? is it aAdobe flash player? Please help me.

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  67. MadeAUsername says:

    He got a boner on the left side of his stomach area, my biology teacher is highly irritated.

  68. Neil Todd says:

    I wouldn’t think the warp tool would work in this situation unless you import each frame of the flash animation.

  69. Cat Kitkat says:

    I think what ur looking for is the puppet warp now.

  70. Shamin Mahmud says:

    is this on a mac???

  71. The GamerzX Channel says:

    I need your help dude please, really strugling here for 2 days! I have imported my character from Photoshop in a PSD file and set everything to loselies and so the layers can be modified or something, then when I want to use the bone tool it only gives me 1 step of a bone tool per one symbol, any thoughts??? please help, thanks!

  72. Ardavan47 says:

    Thanks for your awesome tutorials

  73. skygrounds says:

    They took away the bone tool. D;

  74. Armarn Roesman says:

    He looks like Quagmire and Peter had a horny kid.

  75. DontHurtMelmGay says:

    I want to make a walking penis

  76. xXGreenXx90 says:

    Someone please help me! When ever I double click the body frame I made it just selects the top frame I made. It won’t let me move the body around unless I turn off all the other layers or move the top layer out of the way.

  77. xXGreenXx90 says:

    And he has a large boner.

  78. Moneeb Mujtaba says:

    How come when i right-click the frame i want to put a new pose into I am unable to click insert pose. All i am able to click on is select all frames, insert frame and remove frame.Please help!!

  79. MrManSteveXD says:

    PLEASE do a tutorial with out the bone tool cuz i have flash cc and it does’t have to bone tool and the walking animation doesn’t look that great

  80. TheFilm Maker says:

    Aww man :(

  81. Dokia7 says:

    I didn’t even notice at first but thanks a lot. Now Its annoying.

  82. Tremor244 says:

    Actually its yellow , and you have to pay for it :)

  83. Bradley Hintze says:

    Quick Question. In Flash CC the bone tool is deprecated. Is there a comparable tool in CC?

  84. TheFilm Maker says:

    Does my virus come in red or blue?

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    The lip smacking is so annoying!

  87. NPCUber says:

    Your character look like as if someone tried to draw family guy style :/

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    happens the same with me…

  89. Road Manz says:

    why does this video pause at 6 mins?…i can still hear sound but pic is frozen?? wtf

  90. FunFlash Tut says:

    bone tool is in flash cs4 cs5 and cs6 i have flash flash cs5 and cc because bone tool

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  92. Shachar Har-Shuv says:

    I’m warking with flash cc and I can’t see the bones tool.

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  113. AngryOrcGames says:

    Good at tutorials but your drawings are awful

  114. worldwidewebgeezer says:

    the video freezes after 6:00 but the audio continues …

  115. Jake Shark says:

    video stops but sounds continues round half way through the video

  116. John Smith says:

    he has front butt

  117. Gordana Nik says:

    I also have a problem with picture..sound goes, when i put mouse on timeline i see that picture should be different but it is n o t . i am sad…

  118. Janan Ali says:

    there’s a problem with the video

  119. guscat1100 says:

    I am really enjoying your Flash tutorial (walk cycle), but it seems to stick at around theninth minute. The audio continues, but the picture freezes.It’s a very good tutorial I’d love to watch the rest.

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  121. SSBTheKingMC says:

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  123. DeadTelevision says:

    this one dude uses cs4 for this watch it /watch?v=LkKKTsJZ5kU

  124. CBsParanormalSociety says:

    can you do a video on Frames, like how to make everything in real time once you render everything, and sync all the sounds?

  125. awesomesep says:

    can you do a tutorial about doing this same thing with the leg having symbols? one symbol for the upper leg on for the lower leg…….?

  126. MuzammilBluRayHD says:

    awesome :)

  127. Charlie Hewins says:

    I think you go into script and write stop[] on the last frame. I think you do that in scene 1.. I’m not sure though you can try but don’t quote me on that as I’m kinda rusty with Flash.

  128. Fanut Bratie says:

    if i want my character to stay and do not move after he walks a few meters it continue to move his legs in the same place., how can i stop legs movement?

  129. Rogermore Wakal says:

    thank you for this tutorial..i can help to me

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    Thank you :-)

  131. aishuvyas70 says:

    I make a walking animation with help of this video

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    Thank so much

  133. SayWhat644 says:

    The most unappealing character design ever.

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  135. Nick Bettcher says:

    It keeps saying “IK Bone cannot be applied to stroke” any help?

  136. Gian Hess says:

    please ignore this if you don’t like advertesingi just uploaded my first animation yesterday :) it is a bit nonsense and i haven’t got skillbut if you like you can watch it (but don’t just watch to dislike, that would make me sad :/)i’ll create a new one if a few people subscribe :) )/watch?v=VQgj4tRoaww

  137. PaulinhoCaricaturas says:

    I did everything exactly how you explainded, but I don’t know why, when the file is open, I save it, test it, and everything is working properly! But when I close it and open again, the legs become arms or both the arms and legs disappear!! Please, could you tell me what am I doing wrong???

  138. OFFucker says:

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  154. Siro Emin says:

    I really liked ur tutorial, just need all the info about the software u’re using. Is there a separate tutorial about how to use this software or what tools does this software has? and also please, can u help us out how to find it on the web for free, or maybe from where to buy it? Thanks a lot!

  155. QED762x54FMJ says:

    No, you have to pay for the software.

  156. breanna peterson says:

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  157. Marii Burton says:

    can i make my own scatter brushes like grunge brushes?i love the grunge type style.

  158. vincentlinsao says:

    is there a place where we can download your picture

  159. Andy Kushner says:

    When I try to use the bone tool on the second leg it only lets me add one bone. I can add two or more on every other layer, but the back leg simply isn’t working. Any suggestions?

  160. Jason Forbes says:

    Thanks for the terrific tutorials!

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    Layers are “safer” to edit and modify without messing with the rest of the project imho

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  166. Sahil Nair says:

    dude you rock but this is because you have done a course !!

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  173. buddyroach says:

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  174. buddyroach says:

    can u start over cuz the bone tool isnt working. im still confused on how exactly ur heirachy is setup and what parts are symbols and within symbols or what which one are what which and also what kind of symbols? just start over from scratch

  175. Ernest Kelly says:

    Lend an objective ear and eye to this ill prepared tutorial.

  176. blackstallion534 says:

    my bone tool isnt working!

  177. tom laskey says:

    what when i go to scene 1 it just stays at one frame even though i done the same thing as you it does not walk just stands there like a picture can you help?

  178. Doc. FunkBlack says:

    How i can make to move slower?

  179. teunissenstefan says:

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  183. ThugBearEnt says:

    How can you make a character turn his face ?

  184. teunissenstefan says:

    I want mac for design, programming etc… We have Macs at school and they are lovely for that kind of stuff. But i also love gaming, for the best gaming xp you need windows. So i’m kinda in a dillema xD

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    made my day xD

  186. blueman874 says:

    thanks man you helped alot i am subing

  187. Salim Azhari says:

    When i get back to the scene I can not find all layers in one like you do (09:25)please answer me as soon as possible :)

  188. TheCashmoney0516 says:

    whenever i draw and i stop theres a box around the object i drew anyhelp with getting that off so i can draw without a box around everytime i stop drawing

  189. bobtheduck says:

    The bone tool ruined my shape, and the gizmo is too big to see the outlines it made to fix it. How do I resize the gizmo so I have a chance of working with what’s underneath. In 3ds max, you can resize gizmos easily so they don’t get in the way of what you need to see in the scene. I tried resizing the animated bits so I could see what I was working with, but lo and behold, you can’t resize it once the armature is in place.

  190. thesmann says:

    tried to make foot and leg one but when I get to bone tool it won’t select the foot!

  191. dadawg007 says:

    i cant copy pose?

  192. damon Adkins says:

    It’s a little jittery because it’s a mac…..

  193. NameIWantGotBanned says:

    0:58A dream within a dream within a dream dream?.. Flashception!

  194. David Schroeder says:

    It wont let me copy pose Please help :(

  195. NovaGypsy says:

    Whenever I draw a character and go and click a new frame the next frame is a fresh new blank canvas.. how do I copy the character image I already previously made in the frame before? (same with environments)

  196. Ondřej Toms says:

    Hi Roverdee! I had the same problem as you… I solved it just yesterday by downloading freeware software Swivel from Newgrounds and convert the swf file from flash to full hd unless quality *.mov file… so that is the way.. Hope it will help!

  197. RoverDee says:

    Hello, I just want to say i love your videos. they really help. HOWEVER im having a super fustrating problem. SO i did my animations embedded in the symbol like you did. then i moved the actually symbol position to make it look like my toon was walking. when i test the clip everything moves perfect. but when i export it ( in any way) the ANIMATIONS embedded within the symbol dont work. Please help ASAP im working on a Vday gift for my gf!

  198. xxxdannyxxx says:

    you could of done a motion tween if you wanted too! he just used classic.

  199. xxxdannyxxx says:

    you will just draw the arm when first drawing the figure, then do the exact same steps in animating the second arm. the only difference is you have to animate the arm at different positions since when people walk, the arms swing back and forth. so that means when the right arm is at front, the left arm is at the back.

  200. MrDonMaldini says:

    and also may i request another walking animation with two arms(the arms behind the body) also in motion?

  201. MrDonMaldini says:

    thanks it helped on my assignment,quick question tho why don’t you use the motion tween instead of classic?

  202. xxxdannyxxx says:

    its simple. the first design is on the main stage, which are made of separate parts (the head, the neck, body, etc). He makes this design as one WHOLE symbol. So all the separate parts become 1 whole human body. That is one symbol. You still need the body how it was before, thus copying the frames and pasting them in the 2nd symbol. The 2nd symbol will be used to animate the walk, the 1st symbol will be use to do the small hop.

  203. tm0041 says:

    uhhh… ok, you lost me

  204. ArmaniWillson says:

    Thank you for the advice. :) I’ll keep that in mind:- Also, It’s ok. Your English is alright. :)

  205. SimBoter says:

    It is Easy:1. Draw ot2. Focus it3. with Bone-Tool create bones4. focus Bone-Level5. Edit Bones with Timeline (Which Bone, which Time)(sry 4 my bad english)

  206. SimBoter says:


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    I NEED HELP :/

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    You make it look so easy.

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    Hi, have you made a tutorial on how to animate without bones?

  212. Ricardo Espino says:

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    Thank you for uploading this your tutorials are amazing! I subscribed! :)

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    How can i get this program for a mac? is there any free versions or do i need tto pay for it? PLEASE ANSWER!!

  220. quailegg1 says:

    Do without bone tool

  221. TheRealEvilRobotUses says:

    How do I export the movie with the bones.

  222. DGGamer1995 says:

    If you guys are getting an error called -Ik Bone cannot be applied to a stroke- do this sellect all your object- modify-shape-convert lines to fill hope this helps!

  223. DGGamer1995 says:

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  373. [..YouTube..] Hi good people. I need help, How to disable square filter in video? before more years in menu flash was quality and change from high to medium or low. I wanna low or medium. No problem square resolution. performance is more than 10x better. filter give more CPU speed.Please help how to disable filter on video? I have celeron 1.8Ghz and Intel gma 965…google earth using 3D card have more ferformance (30fps) in full screen than flash with video filter…THANKS!!!

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    [..YouTube..] Maybe… but for complete beginners like me who know NOTHING about animation, its pretty friggin SWELL!

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  435. coopercrue says:

    [..YouTube..] Ikr? i prefer freehanded or symbols.

  436. [..YouTube..] What the hell, another ad after 15 minutes? Anyway, good tutorial. Now how do I become David Firth?

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  438. [..YouTube..] The bone tool is pretty crappy …

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  440. 3dPowerClips says:

    [..YouTube..] Funny Work,cool.hughs from germany,thanks

  441. [..YouTube..] how would you make it change direction? like go the other way, would you need another character draw from the other perspective?

  442. [..YouTube..] How do you make the character? Is it in flash?

  443. [..YouTube..] Check out my video program used to make Naruto & bleach (Retas Pro)

  444. [..YouTube..] its not a tumour!

  445. [..YouTube..] Why when u have drawn the leg you don’t have colored the top on blue, so is more simple?

  446. mrti3 says:

    [..YouTube..] Hi. You showed us how to make animation walking. But I would also like to know how to stop animation walking in some of the frames. Thank you

  447. charliee7100 says:

    [..YouTube..] When I get back to the stage, I have all my layers, what do I do????

  448. chimbaman19 says:

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  449. [..YouTube..] SYMBOL-CEPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  450. chakrum82 says:

    [..YouTube..] It’s great that you make tutorials on the subject, I learned something from this, however that walking cycle is not correct: The arm does not swing parallel with the leg in real life, the arm goes forward as the leg goes backward. Again though thanks for a great tutorial

  451. ulfindangie says:

    [..YouTube..] Curious…did I miss a step between backing out of the symbols 1 & 2?….When I get back to the stage, I still have all my layers visible…in your tutorial, you have only 1 layer that you are tweening.

  452. TheZerogreat says:

    [..YouTube..] glad it worked :)

  453. GamerzMalay says:

    [..YouTube..] talk less decreased the length of video

  454. 1amgoingin says:

    [..YouTube..] An also has annoying :whatever: ball on his cheek.. It anoyes me even on the thumbnail on the right.

  455. [..YouTube..] thank you!! it’s all good now.

  456. TheZerogreat says:

    [..YouTube..] make sure that where your tween of walking is stopping so also the bone pose is ending too

  457. TheZerogreat says:

    [..YouTube..] thumbs up if you didn’t made a pregnant tummy like that

  458. [..YouTube..] learn how to spell

  459. [..YouTube..] that’s a nice tumour you got there….

  460. NimeniAltu91 says:

    [..YouTube..] really nice video, thanks a lotI have a few question.. if I create the enviroment on PS can I insert the png into FL?and can I save it into a .avi file ? thanks.

  461. cmanator18 says:

    [..YouTube..] count how many times he says “Go ahead and”

  462. [..YouTube..] symbolception

  463. CrossMadeLOL says:

    [..YouTube..] Download Adobe Flash CS5 PortableIt’s good cracked version

  464. cheacky15 says:

    [..YouTube..] Do you think CS4, CS5, or CS6 is better? I’m thinking of buying one of them because I’m tired of having that Macromedia Flash Pro 8 on my computer instead of just buying Adobe flash. Macromedia is fine, but it isn’t good enough because it doesn’t come with a bone tool and as much as Adobe does.

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  466. walid8217 says:

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  467. [..YouTube..] please someone help me. i followed all of these steps, but for my project i have to get my character back when he walks away and then make him just stop and stand there. how do i do that? now he stands where i need him to, but his legs are still moving. help!

  468. QW3RTYUU says:

    [..YouTube..] same here, CS5?

  469. ravahk says:

    [..YouTube..] thanks man helped alot!

  470. Anthonyk312 says:

    [..YouTube..] Why is the guy pregnant with a face tumor?

  471. [..YouTube..] Thank you! i thought i was the only one who heard that thats anoyying as fuck!

  472. [..YouTube..] i want to make the character walk on a background i made him walk but only in place i made the background and character 1 symbol so when i try to move the character the background moves with it please help me

  473. DJHermeler says:

    [..YouTube..] Better than any of the shit you could make in 17 minutes.

  474. ripshank34 says:

    [..YouTube..] For some reason my animation in “walking 2″ won’t play in the scene 1 and I’m having a really hard time figuring out why. I copied what you did exactly. Any suggestions?

  475. Anthonyk312 says:

    [..YouTube..] please stop the clicking noise with your mouth.

  476. G3Rakira says:

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  480. [..YouTube..] Thanks :)

  481. sonicneo1 says:

    [..YouTube..] yeah lets teach the children the slower and harder way even though the faster one works perfectly.

  482. MVSgamer says:

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  483. KUPHSER says:

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  484. theng722 says:

    [..YouTube..] I know how to use 3D Max and Maya. but I didn’t know anything about flash CS5. I learn a lot from this video tutorial. I click on full screen and I can see what you doing. thanks for your video tutorial:)

  485. spongefan8 says:

    [..YouTube..] You need to do it manual if you can’t do the bone tool.

  486. [..YouTube..] Yo dawg I herd u liek symbolsSo I put a symbol nside your symbol and called it symbolception

  487. alfa999er says:

    [..YouTube..] at around 9:00 ish, why does the leg motion automatically fit in, when you make a keyframe at 10? when i do it, it just stays the same. please help?

  488. darksonic140 says:

    [..YouTube..] Thepiratebay ;)

  489. Anonymous says:

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  490. Gray Wolf says:

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  491. [..YouTube..] Buy it! -.-

  492. Anonymous says:

    [..YouTube..] where can you download adobe flash cs4 from (For free)I need an answer asap

  493. [..YouTube..] where can you download adobe flash cs4 from (For free)I need an answer asap

  494. [..YouTube..] Do you have one without the bone tool because im having problem with mine. :(

  495. psuedoFRE4K says:

    [..YouTube..] You, my friend, are amazing.

  496. mybigwang1 says:

    [..YouTube..] flip up the two peeswhat word is it now? :P

  497. suparki12 says:

    [..YouTube..] use the paintbrush tool

  498. TheTubaDude1 says:

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  499. [..YouTube..] this is pewp

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  501. sethj1000 says:

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  502. TheGudguys says:

    [..YouTube..] Thanks, this video was long but explains it so much better than other videos. For this… you may have a sub :P

  503. RoSquad says:

    [..YouTube..] This… Dude.. THIS…THIS VIDEO IS FUCKING GENIUS!

  504. YookRs says:

    [..YouTube..] I have a question.Why can you when you’re drawing with your pencil draw round lines without any angles, because when I start drawing with my pencil I basically only get straight lines with lots of angles in it.

  505. coopercrue says:

    [..YouTube..] lol it looks like he has a huge boner

  506. [..YouTube..] Does he have gout?

  507. starterpivot says:

    [..YouTube..] SYMCEPTION 0:57 :O

  508. MrKyleis18 says:

    [..YouTube..] In the leg symbol is a 16frame walk cycle of the legs(using the bone tool) that loops. What I want to do is add a 16frame looped bobble motion to my person without having it cut off any other frames that are past the 16th frame mark. Can someone please help me out??Thanks, Kyle

  509. MrKyleis18 says:

    [..YouTube..] I am fairly new to Adobe Flash Professional CS5 but I know my way around. What I want to do now is create a walk cycle that can also have the character do other movements and gestures through the arms and face. I have created a symbol of a person. Inside this symbol is three symbols, head, body and legs (arms did not seem necessary for this). Inside the head symbol is all my facial features which go up to 80 frames of movement. The body symbol has nothing going on inside it. In the leg symbol

  510. [..YouTube..] How come when i bring the bone tool From the top of the leg down to the knee (is fine) but when i bring it to the foot it doesnt work, it says it cannot be applied to stroke

  511. nettsam says:

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  512. [..YouTube..] Where do i dwnload this

  513. rostonjack says:

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  514. bmas44 says:

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  516. Jerbod2 says:

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  517. ellomatezz says:

    [..YouTube..] indeed. when i open up flash it says: problem daniel?

  518. Beanots says:

    [..YouTube..] Very informative but… I loved it cause you sound like xander off of drawn together :)

  519. [..YouTube..] zzzzzzzzzzzz

  520. MrS4V says:

    [..YouTube..] Its the same as rigging a 3D character… once u got the rig u save it and u can keep animating without doing this all again…

  521. MrS4V says:

    [..YouTube..] @foulball3 Its the same as rigging a 3D character… once u got the rig u save it and u can keep animating without doing this all again…

  522. witness402 says:

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  523. witness402 says:

    [..YouTube..] @nativemike1 look at his other vids

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    [..YouTube..] if you already make your animation a symbol is there a way to re-edit , becasue i already made my character a symbol and i want to change some things and put other things on different layers but it wont let me , please help

  525. nativemike1 says:

    [..YouTube..] hey chad, I’m an artist but I’ve never done animation. I have a really good idea on what I want to make but I’m not sure what to do. Could you please comment back or make a video or whatever on everything a beginner needs and needs to know to begin animation? Thanks, michael

  526. MzAnNiEnana says:

    [..YouTube..] It’s adobe flash CS4

  527. MzAnNiEnana says:

    [..YouTube..] @TheKingdomofnaruto It’s adobe flash CS4

  528. [..YouTube..] Wait. Cs4, is that photoshop? Maybe a stupid question but im a little new in this. Soo…. Is it photoshop?

  529. raverius says:

    [..YouTube..] w w w.­howtodrawcartoon­sstepbyste­p.­vacau.­com

  530. TheSrk98 says:

    [..YouTube..] Very useful one !

  531. [..YouTube..] Have u seen the stuff harry partridge does? ITS FUKIN AWESOME. and he uses this so fk off

  532. [..YouTube..] @foulball3 Have u seen the stuff harry partridge does? ITS FUKIN AWESOME. and he uses this so fk off

  533. gamehipnosis says:

    [..YouTube..] SYMBOL WITHIN A SYMBOL! SymSeption

  534. [..YouTube..] Zo waar. Die met die Ali B ofzo toch?

  535. [..YouTube..] @kraboe Zo waar. Die met die Ali B ofzo toch?

  536. djangoomtv says:

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  537. ananonchan says:

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  538. rodgey1 says:

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  539. cOveTouS07 says:

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  541. [..YouTube..] the arm normaly doesn’t follow the same side’s leg.. normaly it follows the opposite leg… anyway, this is a DARRN good tutorial,. i might finally be able to start playing around with the animation tools and stuff, TY Lilred! :D

  542. DemonNarutoI says:

    [..YouTube..] omfg im lost :( i created character but what do i save the file as?!! can someone plz help me. msg me cuz i want to do editing like talking,walking,etc but like i said i have no idea what to save file as so i can go into the symbol i did bitmap nd double click but…. ugh jus msg me plz

  543. DemonNarutoI says:

    [..YouTube..] omfg im lost :( i created character but what do i save the file as?!! can someone plz help me. msg me cuz i want to do editing like talking,walking,etc but like i said i have no idea what to save file as so i can go into the symbol i did bitmap nd double click but…. ugh jus msg me

  544. aaaaaa1089 says:

    [..YouTube..] good tutorialBUT I HATE THE NOISE YOUR MAKING WITH YOUR MOUTH EVERY 2 SECONDS !!!!it’s really annoying :( (

  545. foulball3 says:

    [..YouTube..] all this crazy editing just to make a digital 2d animation…

  546. [..YouTube..] 1,337 likes!

  547. [..YouTube..] @funnyfan23 I dont think so because CS3 dosent have the bone tool.

  548. tanktanktv says:

    [..YouTube..] dude u are the bomb ….. i have a cartoon i wanted to make.and now i know how to make it move..thanks..u just let my art come to life

  549. FaroeseFX says:

    [..YouTube..] @funnyfan23 NOPE

  550. funnyfan23 says:

    [..YouTube..] can it be CS3?

  551. 95philbert says:

    [..YouTube..] Can you give me some feeback on my first ever flash animation? Thankyou :) Just visit my channel for the video:)

  552. MrLaafish says:

    [..YouTube..] @EtsamaruTsubaki sadly you cant put more than one on symbols, but if you break it apart then you can put more

  553. DAUFpalm says:

    [..YouTube..] 17 minutes for a walking animation tutorial!!??

  554. [..YouTube..] It won’t let me put more than 1 bone in each symbol.

  555. chaos122696 says:

    [..YouTube..] i got 3 ads throughout this video. wtf.

  556. DrewFeldman says:

    [..YouTube..] Why does my character’s legs dissappear every time I try to load the file -_-

  557. [..YouTube..] how much does it cost

  558. Qornv says:

    [..YouTube..] Why this character looks so extremally retarded

  559. Zinraya says:

    [..YouTube..] Thanks for an helpfull video!

  560. kingdepivot says:

    [..YouTube..] That’s incredible

  561. gremnkai says:

    [..YouTube..] @daProfesionalologist he did watch his outher tutorials

  562. jonboobalot says:

    [..YouTube..] Thanks a million!

  563. [..YouTube..] did you draw him with mouse? if so that is a good drawing

  564. topyd says:

    [..YouTube..] @gremnkai thanks alot mate….it helped alot.

  565. MrKyleis18 says:

    [..YouTube..] CAN SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER ME THIS: I have made an entire character and have attempted the walk cycle. Even though I have connected the arm/hand and leg/foot into one layer it does not allow me to put the bone tool past the arm, what am I doing wrong?

  566. gremnkai says:

    [..YouTube..] @topyd Copy all of the layers from the first scene then paste it into the third scene. The layer on top that doesn’t have a name should be renamed to what ever layer is on top in the first scene because that layer 1 will act as the top layer in the first scene.( it should be your arm)

  567. SharpWireX says:

    [..YouTube..] For my little anime i did the herobrine for minecraft Using all paint

  568. [..YouTube..] great stuff

  569. topyd says:

    [..YouTube..] I have a problem…..when I’ve made my character a symbol and I’m looking at it, all my layers are gone exept one taht’s just called layer 1..Plz help

  570. Harris0n11 says:

    [..YouTube..] Its a dream within a dream!

  571. ArsonNetwork says:

    [..YouTube..] what were gonna do now is grab our boner tool 01:18

  572. ArsonNetwork says:

    [..YouTube..] what were gonna do now is grab our boner tool

  573. NIP28 says:

    [..YouTube..] so you are telling me that after i create those bones and make one of my cartoon walk, i can aply those same bones to others?!?!?!? ON THE ROAD TO ZION WE ALL GOOOO

  574. GOONSM8 says:

    [..YouTube..] symbol within a symbol symbolception

  575. Goremaster says:

    [..YouTube..] Oh no…he’s bear walking. Right arm going forward with right leg!

  576. remanuelmr says:

    [..YouTube..] thats really good but i guess if im going to be an animator i would have to see more of your tutorials!

  577. kraboe says:

    [..YouTube..] kanker reclame!!!!1

  578. harvster2 says:

    [..YouTube..] I’m making a cartoon character myself on flash cs5.5 and when i finished creating the character i wanted to make it one whole object, so i converted it to a symbol to make it fit in the box which i have done. However i want to change it to what it was previously so i can edit it back to the seperate layers and do the bone tool. How do i do this?

  579. CoolDudeClem says:

    [..YouTube..] so anyway like i was saying, if I try to use the bone tool to bend a leg, I can click and drag to create the first part of the ”bone”, but when I release the mouse button, instead of letting me make the next part of the bone it just selects the leg I’m trying to move and the bone disappears, what the hell?

  580. CoolDudeClem says:

    [..YouTube..] Could you PLEASE tell me what I’m doing wrong. Ok, firstly you say you turned the character into a symbol, I assume you just select the whole thing then right click and select “convert to symbol” right? that’s what I did. When I double click on the character it just shows one layer and every part is on that one layer, even tho the character I drew originally used several layers. I’ll have to post the rest of this in a new comment.

  581. flygon88 says:

    [..YouTube..] hey i keep on trying to use the bone tool on one of my animation and it wont let me then a message will pop up saying IK Bone cannot be applied to stroke can u plz help me?

  582. CragenDazs says:

    [..YouTube..] @CartoonWarStudios or maybe he was just showing everyone so they can get into the basics before they move on to more advanced animation.

  583. johand637 says:

    [..YouTube..] Hi. can you give more series please . Thanks brother good job

  584. bobmarleypkr says:

    [..YouTube..] Can anyone explain an easier way to me on how to regroup layers. Like when I try to put the shoes and legs together the shoes come out on top its stupid… I have to sit there and airbrush it then delete the excess line.

  585. [..YouTube..] why u nom nom?

  586. WyzzyMoon says:

    [..YouTube..] @WyzzyMoon i know what was wrong, i have to use the bone tool

  587. WyzzyMoon says:

    [..YouTube..] if i click right on frame 10 i don`t have the option “insert pose” so i have to do anything frame by frame… i use CS4, any ideas?

  588. maxpower0711 says:

    [..YouTube..] hey guys! check out my first animation =)! /watch?v=veQ43PkDKBY

  589. FrostZap says:

    [..YouTube..] This very instructional and useful tutorial + Common Sense =/watch?v=kzyKR5OaCrU

  590. FrostZap says:

    [..YouTube..] This very instructional and useful tutorial + Common Sense =/watch?v=kzyKR5OaCrU

  591. [..YouTube..] @LilredheadComics any for CS5?

  592. beyond69dzn says:

    [..YouTube..] Does this have to be in a actionscript 3.0 ? because it doesn’t work with 2.0 to use bones

  593. Meroroko says:

    [..YouTube..] Can’t tell if jokeingOr really bad at animation


  595. [..YouTube..] Hey I’m Struggling with trying to animate this character i drew… If i upload a screen video of the problem i am having could you tell me what i am doing wrong? Thanks!

  596. [..YouTube..] now guys don’t say 02:40 anything about arrows or sky rim

  597. 2010liamf says:

    [..YouTube..] a symbol within a symbol? INCEPTION!

  598. [..YouTube..] :57  symbolception

  599. jellyfrass says:

    [..YouTube..] @kori196  Adobe Flash CS4

  600. [..YouTube..] @LilredheadComicsHelp my bone tool doesnt work… if i make 2 bones, and i want to stretch it , it moves the Leg and it dont stretch it please help… :,( i use CS5.5

  601. [..YouTube..] Help my bone tool doesnt work… if i make 2 bones, and i want to stretch it , it moves the Leg and it dont stretch it please help… :,(

  602. mrluigimama says:

    [..YouTube..] @mrluigimama what if it says cannot link bitmap

  603. mrluigimama says:

    [..YouTube..] what if it says cannot connect bitmap. help

  604. mrluigimama says:

    [..YouTube..] what if it says cannot connect bitmap

  605. jinell14 says:

    [..YouTube..] hey dude when you click scene 1 on 09:40 there is only one layer named “layer 1″ but on your other tutorial in making a character all the layers are there .. so when i did this tutorial thats the only thing i noticed .. i mean how did you merge all the layers in one

  606. hakmurro says:

    [..YouTube..] you should ease in and out 

  607. hakmurro says:

    [..YouTube..] you should ease in and out

  608. LepyThedino says:

    [..YouTube..] You are really great at drawing and you’re passing around great habits that every animator should be learning because drag-and-drop is the way of the future. Ouch, my sarcasm bone.

  609. [..YouTube..] no offence but you really suck at animating and you’re in no place for doing tutorials, this is just tweening you know, it’s not even crappy FBF, just crappy tweening. If you are going to tween at least make a logical walkcycle, not some guy with a tumor hardly even shuffling across the floor.

  610. [..YouTube..] @Cs2D1996 Well u can use ctrl Z(for pc) or cmd Z(for mac) to comeback from the last action

  611. [..YouTube..] thx this helped me review for my animation exam

  612. [..YouTube..] Hello, cant find the other tutorial for how to make a character a symbol. Where can i find it?

  613. seakoala2007 says:

    [..YouTube..] you like to smack your lips a lot?

  614. iiJeJeii says:

    [..YouTube..] Omg look at the zit

  615. [..YouTube..] @LilredheadComics does this work for ccs5

  616. [..YouTube..] I’m still really confused. Does it honestly take this long? and How do you put a background in? cuz eddsworld uses adobe flash and he has a background…

  617. [..YouTube..] Ok, I really like this tutorial and i appreciate the effort, but its not clear. Your always saying stuff like “oh, i forgot to show you how to do this” and then not telling us. So can you please try and make it a bit clearer in future?

  618. Cs2D1996 says:

    [..YouTube..] hey the tutorial is sooo good but i have 1 problem…how to save it… and see it moving… pls help 

  619. [..YouTube..] @joshsmog I’m not positive, but I believe he is not named Jesus Christ.

  620. Cs2D1996 says:

    [..YouTube..] hey guys i have a problem…. how to remove the simbol and make it normal again pls help

  621. [..YouTube..] i like the walkthrough but your fucking character design pisses me off for the oddest reason… please change it.. and get that fucking… chin… thing out…

  622. [..YouTube..] @hazardousmango Damn I was going to say that. Great tutorial by the way.

  623. sethydeathy says:

    [..YouTube..] what is that bulge suppose to be? his stomach or his crotch?

  624. sethydeathy says:

    [..YouTube..] what is that bulge suppose to be? his stomach or his crotch?

  625. BassWav says:

    [..YouTube..] can’t find bone tool, so poop

  626. BassWav says:

    [..YouTube..] can’t find bone tool, so poop

  627. [..YouTube..] symbolception!!!

  628. Graphinic says:

    [..YouTube..] Thanks man, this helped me so f***ing much :) (btw, I’m subscribing)

  629. Emdeemusic says:

    [..YouTube..] how come when i try to make my guy move from left to right after doing all the steps none of his body parts move (arms,legs) he still just slides right on over

  630. Krisin Hi says:

    adobe flash 做人走路的简单动画

  631. KingDen98 says:

    [..YouTube..] cool men

  632. anthonymm777 says:

    [..YouTube..] Once I convert my drawing to a symbol it won’t let me add any bones with the bone tool. Any ideas on why this keeps happening to me, btw I have CS5, but it should be the same thing as CS4 for the bone tool.

  633. sammacloskey says:

    [..YouTube..] “symbol within a symbol” Symbolception

  634. Bang8Balllls says:

    [..YouTube..] it’s like inception .. a symbol within a symbol … FREAKY

  635. [..YouTube..] theres a bone tool in cs5 right? i mean im sure there is and this is a dumb question but i just want to be sure

  636. [..YouTube..] Symbolception

  637. [..YouTube..] @MikeCOYS18 Hardly, I think that was an overreaction on your part…

  638. MikeCOYS18 says:

    [..YouTube..] @GerardGrovesPictures self-promotion!?!?? Thumb down!

  639. [..YouTube..] Seriously this guy’s tutorials are amazing! THE BEST! Check out my animations for proof of what I learnt in days..

  640. [..YouTube..] @LilredheadComics ty even i have cs3

  641. mooveez4U says:

    [..YouTube..] when i draw the bone tool, does it matter what color it comes out to be? because i found that it usually only works when it turns purple, unless it was my fault.

  642. 1foottall says:

    [..YouTube..] oh no his arm is moving with the leg on the same side

  643. aakashm1 says:

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  667. [..YouTube..] @CartoonsOnlyChannel i think i am one of the few legal flash users who watch theese tutorials

  668. lunabambina says:

    [..YouTube..] @tboyf10 same problem…any ideas?

  669. Ianster1335 says:

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  670. tboyf10 says:

    [..YouTube..] it doesn’t work for me i did everything when i come out of the second symbol the persons feet don’t move help me plz

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  675. niceone371 says:

    [..YouTube..] I follow all your step in all of your tutorial,Now i highlight my character hit F8 name it walking 1, then i double click into that symbol hit F8 name it walking 2, do everything that i should do in walking 1 and 2, the problem is, when i click scene 1, I’ve the head lawyer, neck, every parts of the body on scene one, but in your tutorial i dont see those body parts, i only see lawyer there, please tell what to do.

  676. ljudo35220 says:

    [..YouTube..] @JohannGarrido I relased than, you just need to covert it to graphic :)

  677. [..YouTube..] Can i ask you a question? In the end u wipe out the line of the leg by turning it into a frame-by-frame animation. wouldnt it be easier (if possible, and much less tedious) if in the beginning, when u draw the leg, to wipe out that line already? yes, yes. that should work, right?

  678. [..YouTube..] @ljudo35220 Yes, it works.

  679. [..YouTube..] @CartoonsOnlyChannel FUCK YEA

  680. [..YouTube..] HEY! We put a symbol in your symbol so you can animate while you animate!

  681. protowilson says:

    [..YouTube..] @mooveez4U I think you might have Object Drawing turned on – keyboard shortcut J, so just press J and that should turn it off. It’s an annoying function and I’ve not found the reason for its existence (although I’m sure there is one).

  682. [..YouTube..] @Niklas21 same..mine is also legal! :)

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  684. mooveez4U says:

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  686. [..YouTube..] @ljudo35220 that’s a statement ask a real question and people wlll answer you

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  688. ljudo35220 says:

    [..YouTube..] This won’t work in CS5? Please answer…

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  694. [..YouTube..] When I do a symbol within a simbol I dont have access to the previous layer when Im in the deepest symbol.. what am I doing wrong?

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  696. [..YouTube..] @CartoonsOnlyChannel yup we did. :) )

  697. TheIzabot says:

    [..YouTube..] @Moatazokay Buddy, if you’re using Flash, you have to be patient. It takes hours to make seconds of animation. If you can’t handle the relatively small amount of time it takes to make a guy walking, then Flash isn’t for you.

  698. [..YouTube..] @CartoonsOnlyChannel i have a legal trial xD

  699. [..YouTube..] @CartoonsOnlyChannel I bought it :(

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  710. [..YouTube..] Okay *lip smack* lets get on with it *lip smack* So select the bone tool *lip smack*No offense but please cut back on those!

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  719. [..YouTube..] @scarelet22 i tried a lot… BTW go to my channel, i can do flash animations

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  721. [..YouTube..] @xMinaxLolzx well… my IQ is 136, i’m smart and i learn pretty fucking fast, soooo…. i’m not stupid, i guess. Oh BTW i’m swiss and i speak 5 different Languages. yeah, you called me stupid… me win you lose.

  722. xMinaxLolzx says:

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  723. ZeldaTimer12 says:

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  727. LoneAdvent says:

    [..YouTube..] In your symbol video you show how to create the symbol with in symbol and I followed that exactly, I have my first scene, walking1&2 but in this video your first scene is only 1 layer Mine is still all of my layers? where did I go wrong????

  728. iMinixV says:

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  729. linite3070 says:

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  745. TOURSHEEYA says:

    [..YouTube..] Amazing work dude! I have one question, and it would be very cool if you could help me. What is the easiest way to combine two animatons? For instance: i want my character to move and talk at the same time, but im doing movement and talking on separate layers. I need to merge the mouth on the head so that they move together… Any advice would be appreciated. cheers

  746. 1jespen1 says:

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  747. [..YouTube..] I did everything as you explained it, BUT, when I went to test it out on “Scene 1″ the animation was only the character moving from left to right without the walking motion or the up and down. Can someone help me?

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  761. natebooce says:


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  763. slydog00a1 says:

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  766. [..YouTube..] @AlexisToddsworth paint*

  767. [..YouTube..] @Lukerrzz hi i have had that problem before there is one thing wrong ure treating it like microsoft pain basically you need to draw the entire outline of the shape not just add on the part you can see you may then need to ask flash to ‘close gaps’ either small medium or large that option is where you would normally adjust your paintbrush size. hope i helped!

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  779. [..YouTube..] Follow These Instructions Carefully or it WONT work!1) pause? the video? at 0:002) make it? full screen3) press the left? arrow? key4) keep? holding the left key and press the up arrow so now your holding two arrows down at the same time.5) enjoy playing snake on youtube :) like this if it worked :) )ps it will work if u do it right

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  792. msh361 says:

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  794. Reuged says:

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  795. [..YouTube..] @LordOfKetchup Well it was obivous D: he kinda made a funny noise

  796. [..YouTube..] @paramore12555 lol as if you noticed that

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  817. diekedrake says:

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    [..YouTube..] Bone tool won’t work for my character’s legs! It shows up blue and I just can’t make the joints in his legs. The leg is a symbol graphic and I don’t have a clue what I’m doing.

  819. [..YouTube..] SO HELPFULL!

  820. LiszekVip says:

    [..YouTube..] why you just don’t put some figure to hide this line ?

  821. peashooter19 says:

    [..YouTube..] There is something that I’m missing out on here. Your leg and foot look like one symbol, but to use the bone tool you need to have two different symbols right? I guess I don’t understand how you’re getting it to bend at the knee like that also. Any help would be appreciated.

  822. yksnimus says:

    [..YouTube..] @20MILCEO i can, but I will not pay you

  823. 20MILCEO says:

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  826. [..YouTube..] @Maceyoshiman i think u can make flash games with it too

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    [..YouTube..] @illidarysa same thing happens to me have you got a fix?

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  837. gmandog6 says:

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  842. [..YouTube..] @LooxeY Very Welcome.

  843. LooxeY says:

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  844. tibiaowned1 says:

    [..YouTube..] c++ is better? or idk

  845. [..YouTube..] @UnlimitedApathy Never Mind! I figured it out, you click the folder button next to the new layer button and move both the foot and leg into the folder, then the bone animation, leg, and foot, are all in that folder. :)

  846. [..YouTube..] O.o! How do you combine the foot and the leg? I already made them symbols.

  847. cadu9911 says:

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  848. mordecai322 says:

    [..YouTube..] @D2RHD That’s true.

  849. [..YouTube..] @D2RHD That just gave me a weird boner thinking about a boner

  850. [..YouTube..] @LooxeY aught to try it again and try to follow it step by step again save the file after u finish a step successfully so that u can go back to it if u do something wrong. thats what i did and it worked for me.

  851. [..YouTube..] holy shit i have a stroke guy and it will not let me to do it

  852. dinoshark7 says:

    [..YouTube..] If My friend walked like that, I would walk away quietly

  853. LooxeY says:

    [..YouTube..] look, when i duble click on my symbol everything i put in different layers are on the same layer and when i insert the bone tool it’s on a layer “Armature” and it1s all messed up, i can’t put the bone tool on just the leg. What the is fuck is that all about? Can you help me please?

  854. D2RHD says:

    [..YouTube..] I Have A Dirty Mind and I’m Just Sayin But That Guy Has A Gigantic Boner

  855. [..YouTube..] how do you get your leg to move as 1 , like in a snake lik motion, when i do it, it wont let me use bonetool more than once on one symbol…

  856. illidarysa says:

    [..YouTube..] why does my foot dissapear when i move my leg with the BONE TOOL???

  857. zesusdk says:

    [..YouTube..] A basic walking animation in about fifteen minutes. i think i got less patience for that xd anyway cartoon movies always sounded so awesome to me. And make one myself would be even more awesome.. Is Adobe flash CS2 free? or has to be “bought”?

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  898. [..YouTube..] @AdamKruger Copy the content of one layer into the other, and delete the empty one by clicking the trash can under the timeline.

  899. [..YouTube..] I did everything right, with the bones in the symbol in the symbol, and that animation is fine, but it isn’t animated in the symbol that the bottom symbol it is in. Help me please.

  900. AdamKruger says:

    [..YouTube..] How to make two layers one !? Like putting the fot and leg layers together ?

  901. yhevrah says:

    [..YouTube..] 13:14 i just discovered that could make that tedious work a bit easier.. under the time line, beside the onion skin toggle buttons there is a edit multiple frames button.. you just click it and adjust the timeline span or whatsoever it is called and poof, you can sweep that line in just one delete..

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  931. [..YouTube..] @8justin88 well it doesnt really matter. I use Snagit. Its pretty simple. You can master it in like 15 minutes.

  932. 8justin88 says:

    [..YouTube..] @116randomness which recorder? sry im new to all this. im used to just doing the old way of making a picture and using ‘save as’ haha…

  933. [..YouTube..] @8justin88 what I do is use a screen recorder then click control>test movie on flash. Then I just select the spot then record. i out it on replay then I will just edit out the extras

  934. 8justin88 says:

    [..YouTube..] @116randomness ehhhhh its kind of fuzzy. but i decided i’ll just zoom in on their faces when i want them to talk and then i’ll edit it all together in editing software… got anything good beside movie maker? cause thats all i got and i have to more money to buy vegas or anything… and also how do you get the animations into movie maker? save it as .avi?

  935. [..YouTube..] @8justin88 you have to have two symbols. the walking character and the standing character. then when you reach the point where you want them to stand, just swithch them. Then to walk again switch them again. I hope I helped

  936. 8justin88 says:

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