Working with Multiple Sequences in Premiere

Sometimes it’s easier to break your scenes up into chunks when editing in Premiere.  This tutorial shows my method of editing and gives some insight into how sequences work.


Applying a Highpass or Lowpass Filter in Premiere

Have you ever wanted to adjust your audio so it sounds like it’s coming from a television or intercom? How about muffing the audio so it appears to be coming from another room? With a highpass and lowpass filter, you can easily make these changes to create a simple yet convincing effect.


Using Video Effects in Adobe Premiere

In Adobe Premiere, you have the ability to add video effects and filters to your productions.  This can be great for color correction, blurring, sharpening, chroma keying and more.  This tutorial will show you how it’s done.


Motion, Opacity and Time Effects in Premiere

In Premiere, by using the Effect Controls tab, we can adjust the size, position, opacity, speed and other attributes of a clip.  This video walks you through how to utilize these options, plus create keyframes for animated effects.


Creating a Freeze Frame in Adobe Premiere

In Premiere, you can easily hold or freeze on a piece of video. This can have several different uses and allows the editor to create different effects for the project. Watch the tutorial to learn how to do it!


Creating an Alpha Channel for Flash Animations

In this lesson I show you how to create an alpha channel for your exported Flash videos. This can be useful for when you want to do some advanced editing or swap out a background graphic in post-production.  We also briefly discuss how to chroma key for those of you exporting out .AVI files.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Elements – Applying a Basic Transition

By Dan P Stevens Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 was released some time back and is not the current release, but still has many features that will enable you to create great videos. I’m using this version of the software, but this guide will also work for other versions as well, with only slight differences. In […]

Adobe Premiere Pro

Windows Media Video Compression Using Adobe Premiere Pro

By Tom Wardrop I’ve written this tutorial for anyone who uses adobe premiere pro and wants to find out the best way to compress a video using “Windows Media Video”. I cover things like what bitrate to use with what resolution and frame rate aswell as what a few of the different settings do and […]

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Vs iMovie – A Comparison

By Jay A. Jenkin Video production has made major advancements in the last two decades. Hollywood-style editing can now be done right from your home computer. Two big-name software programs in video editing are Adobe Premiere and iMovie. Here are three things to consider when using either one to cut and edit that next birthday […]

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Adobe Premiere Pro Green Screen Effect Done in Simple Steps

By Takuya Hikichi CS3, CS4 or even CS5 – No matter what version of Adobe Premiere Pro, removing the green screen from video is easy. Let’s break down the steps to make this happen. 1. Green or Blue Screen Background for Chromakey – when using either green or blue screens, they are going to work […]