Live Previewing of Effects and Brushes in Anime Studio 9.5

Get Anime Studio now!   Anime Studio 9.5 now allows you to view your color and brush settings on the fly.  This can make experimenting and editing a lot easier.


Labeling and Coloring Bones in Anime Studio 9.5

Click here to upgrade to Anime Studio 9.5! Anime Studio 9.5 introduces the ability to color and label your bones. While it seems like a simple addition, this is great for organizing complex structures. It also makes referencing labels for your Smart Bone Actions a lot easier.


Anime Studio 9.5 Tutorial: Easier Importing and Exporting for Windows Users

Looking to upgrade to Anime Studio 9.5?  Get it here! Windows users running the 64 bit version of Anime Studio 9.5 now have the ability to import and export various file types with the Windows Media Foundation Library. While there are still some limitations, it does make the process easier, especially during the importing phase.


Streamlined Scene Creation with Depth Shifting

New to Anime Studio 9.5, you can now adjust the depth and size of an object at the same time to streamline the scene creation process. This is great for people like me who forget to adjust the depth when composing a shot! This tutorial explains how to use the feature.


Flexi-Binding in Anime Studio 9.5

In Anime Studio 9.5, Flexi-Binding has seen an upgrade. Learn how to assign bone groups to certain layers and better utilize the flexible, bendy animation style with this tutorial.