Flexi-Binding in Anime Studio 9.5

In Anime Studio 9.5, Flexi-Binding has seen an upgrade. Learn how to assign bone groups to certain layers and better utilize the flexible, bendy animation style with this tutorial.


Applying Bone Physics in Anime Studio Pro

With the bone tools in Anime Studio, we can apply attributes that cause the bones to react to different movements.  This can be useful for springy objects, hair, feathers and so on.  With this option we can also adjust the Torque, Spring and Damping values to further fine tune the effect.


Binding Layers to Bones

In this beginner tutorial I go over how to bind layers to a set of bones. This is just one of many ways to use bones in Anime Studio. It should give you a good start if you’re new to the software. Interested in Anime Studio? Then click here to purchase it at a great […]


The New Flash CS5 Bone Tool

In this tutorial I go over the features of the new Flash CS5 bone tool. Learn how to apply constraints and springs.


Walking Animation with Flash CS4 Bone Tool

In this Flash CS4 tutorial I show you how to do a looping walking animation by utilizing the bone tool and symbols.

Bones with Images

Applying Bones to Images in Flash

In this tutorial, learn how to apply the bone tool to images and Photoshop files in Adobe Flash CS4.


Using the Bone Tool in Adobe Flash CS4

If you’re a Flash animator like me, the inclusion of the Bone Tool is Flash CS4 is like a dream come true. While this tool can be used for a variety of things, it really comes in handy when doing character animations such as walking. But before I get too in depth with this, let’s […]

Animating Symbols with the Bone Tool

Animating Symbols with Flash’s Bone Tool

In three minutes I cover how to animate a series of symbols with the Flash CS4 Bone Tool.  This is a follow up to the first Bone Tutorial and is recommended you watch that one first so you can get the full benefit of this tutorial.

Flash CS4 Bone Tool

The Flash CS4 Bone Tool

In this quick five minute tutorial, learn the basics of using the new Flash CS4 Bone Tool!