Animating a Detailed Head Turn in Anime Studio

In the last part of our head turning series, we utilize smart bones, point animation and other techniques to create a detailed head turn. This includes movement for hair, ears, eyes, nose, mouth and other facial details. Part 1: Rigging the Eyes for the Head Turn Part 2: Rigging a Mouth for the Head Turn […]


Rigging a Mouth for a Detailed Head Turn in Anime Studio

In the second part of our advanced head turning tutorial series, we rig up a mouth capable of movements via a Smart Bone. Like the eyes in part 1, this will allow us to create a more polished head turn in our third part. Part 1: Rigging the Eyes for the Head Turn Part 3: […]


Animating a Running Character in Anime Studio

By using a combination of onionskins, frame labeling and bone coloring, it’s very possible to create a believable running animation cycle no matter what type of character design is used. Along with this video is a workflow chart you may find useful. This document gives some insights on how to create an effect running cycle. […]


Animating Breasts in Anime Studio Pro 9

With a combination of Dynamic Bones and Smart Bone dials, you can create realistic breast physics for any of your female characters.  You can combine these techniques or use them separately, depending on your needs.  In the end, this video will take you through the process in adding some polish (and bounce) to the ladies […]


Creating Realistic Torso Movements in Anime Studio

If you are looking to add some realism or polish to your animations, then you will want to check out this Anime Studio tutorial. Here we demonstrate how to draw a male torso and then create subtle movements with the chest in conjunction with an arm using Smart Bones. Software Required: Anime Studio Pro 9 […]


Animating a Head Turn with Smart Bones in Anime Studio Pro 9

There are many different ways to create head turns in Anime Studio. In this video, Chad and Jim demonstrate how to create a smooth head turn from front to left and then to right by using a Smart Bone dial. Software Required: Anime Studio Pro 9 or Later Skill Level: Beginner Recorded By: Jim Mills […]


Animating a Convincing Walking Animation in Anime Studio

Learn the fundamentals for creating a convincing walking cycle for an Anime Studio character. From setting down the extreme poses, to adding in subtle midway effects, after watching this tutorial, you will have mastered the art of animated walking. Software Required: Anime Studio Pro (Any Version) Skill Level: Intermediate Recorded By: Jim Mills Narrated By: […]


How to Create a Walking Animation with Anime Studio

With a character drawn and a skeletal structure set, creating a walking animation in Anime Studio is a pretty easy process. Here I show you how to keyframe your bones and move the character across the screen.


Creating, Saving and Combining Character Movements in Anime Studio

Did you know you in Anime Studio you can create movements for characters and save them to be used later on? You can also combine actions to create more complex effects! The Actions Panel in Anime Studio is your key to saving time and creating more dynamic animations.


Creating Emotions and Closeups in Flash (Youtorial Demo)

In this Adobe Flash demo, we start the process of creating different emotions for our character to express. In the full lesson, you will learn how to create zoom ins to amplify these emotions and actions. This video is only a preview of the full lesson. To see the lesson, gain access to project files, […]


Creating a Running Animation in Adobe Flash (Youtorial Demo)

In this Adobe Flash Youtorial demo, we begin the steps to creating a running animation for our hero using the bone tool. Note, this is only part 1 of 4 from the premium Youtorial series. This video is only a preview of the full lesson. To see the lesson, gain access to project files, and […]


Designing a Cartoon Character in Adobe Flash (Youtorial Demo)

Learn how to build a character in Adobe Flash using this extensive tutorial. This character can then be used for animation and other purposes later on. This tutorial was designed for the Youtorial Platform. To get the most out of this lesson, view it for FREE on the Youtorial Marketplace.


Animating a Character with Bones in Anime Studio

In this Anime Studio tutorial I show you how to animate a character with a series of bones. This includes setting up the Bone layer, skeletal structure, creating links and binding layers.


Frame by Frame Walking Animation

If you don’t have the Bone Tool (featured in Flash CS4 and CS5), then you may want to resort to frame by frame animation. This tutorial shows you how to move a character’s legs frame by frame. This tutorial is a bit more advanced and contains elements like symbols and keyframes. Be sure you know […]


Manual Lip Syncing in Anime Studio

In this Anime Studio tutorial I show you how to sync a mouth to a voice using manual swapping with the switch layer. While more tedious than auto mouth syncing, this does provide for a more detailed animation.


Automatic Lip Syncing in Anime Studio

In this short Anime Studio tutorial I show you a very easy way to sync mouths to voices.


Making a Character Blink in Flash

Learn how to make a character blink in this Adobe Flash tutorial.


How to Make a Cartoon Character Talk in Adobe Flash

In this lesson I show you how to make a cartoon character talk from beginning to end. This includes recording the voice, drawing the mouth poses and syncing that voice to an animated mouth. We even go a little deeper by exploring some facial expressions. This was once a premium tutorial for my website. This […]


Walking Animation with Flash CS4 Bone Tool

In this Flash CS4 tutorial I show you how to do a looping walking animation by utilizing the bone tool and symbols.

Syncing a Mouth to a Voice

Syncing a Mouth to a Voice in Adobe Flash

Learn a simple yet effective technique in animating a mouth to a voice.