How to Draw a Cartoon Character in Anime Studio

In this 45 minute lesson, I demonstrate how to draw a cartoon character in Anime Studio. Many techniques will be used here, including layer usage, the Add Point tool, the shape tool, modifying lines and more.


Tapering, Hiding and Deleting Points in Anime Studio

In this quick Anime Studio tutorial, I demonstrate three different ways to manipulate your drawings points: tapering, hiding and deleting. These methods can save you time and help stylize your drawings.


Mastering Animation Lessons Can Lead You to the Success You Dream Of

By Mark Polmog In the present situation, learning animation is one of the greatest professions you can ever think of. Once you have taken animation lessons and have graduated or certified in this course, getting a job in some production studio might just be a dream come true for you. Career in animation Joining a […]


Tips On The Cartoons To Draw To Enable You To Earn You A Sensational Extra Income

By Lolly L Learn about the cartoons to draw if you wish to create a fantastic additional income. To generate a bit of superfluous money from drawing cartoons there are issues that you have to take into consideration. In order to be able to attain your objective you will have to adhere to some guidelines. […]


Drawing the Human Body – The One Thing You Need To Know

By Ethan Q Smith In order to draw the human figure well, you need to have a good knowledge of human anatomy. Yet many artists today still hang on to the myth that good figure drawing does not involve studying anatomy. Perhaps the reason so many artists feel this way is because they never saw […]


Learn How To Draw Step By Step

By Lolly L If you want to learn how to draw step by step you really have to realize it is achievable. There are a lot of people who are of the opinion that you cannot really be taught to sketch and that you are either born or “meant” to draw or you are not. […]


So You Want to Be a Professional Artist?

By Tien Frogget You have a passion for creating beautiful things. You spend your spare time learning, growing your skills, and honing your talent. You’ve shown your work to friends and family members and they love it. You’re thinking it would be great to start making money off of your wonderful creations. But How? Making […]


The Elements of Line Drawing

By Hugh Quentinand Jon Mumford Lines and their characteristics make or break a drawing–therefore you either have a masterpiece or a doodle. The basic purpose of a line drawing is to describe the form with the use of varied lines in thickness, lost and found edges, to give direction, flow, volume and space as well […]


How To Draw Creatively

By Jon Mumford You are never too old to learn how to draw creatively. Drawing gives great satisfaction and can be started at any age. Even the great artists started their studies at various ages, so there’s no reason to think you cannot master the skills because you’ve started too late in life. The Artist’s […]


How to Draw People – Some Tips

By Jon Mumford People just starting out are often puzzled by the question of how to draw people. The form of a person dressed in clothes can be pretty complex and this goes even more for the human body itself. Let’s assume you sit there with a charcoal and an empty sheet of drawing paper […]


Learn How to Draw People Through Technique and Practice

By Dylan Vanland Whenever you come across a good sketch of a person, the first thing that comes to your mind is if you could also be gifted with the way how to draw people. But the fact is that you need not be born with the skill to draw people. Similar to other forms […]


You Can Learn to Draw People Quickly and Easily

By Dylan Vanland It may be necessary for you to draw people while in your drawing class at your school or just when you’re drawing casually. And even, for students who want to appear in various drawing exams, it becomes crucial to learn how to sketch people. However, most of the kids and even elders […]


How to Draw Eyes Better

By Ruediger Schmidt Probably the most fascinating and beautiful part of the human body to draw would be the eyes. Often the eyes reveal feelings that people try to hide. Most of us look at the eyes of someone to see if he/she is without a doubt sincere. And it is through the eyes that […]


How to Make Your Own Avatar For Your Website

By Maxwell Ward Impressive-looking avatars will surely help you leave a mark online. Here’s how to make your own avatar for your website using free, easy tools. When it comes to making avatars and other graphics, most of us would assume that digital artists are the only ones capable of doing this job. If you […]


How to Draw Clouds – Learn To Draw Them Like A Pro!

By Benjamin Hedley Lots of people think that bringing the sky and the clouds on sketch paper is among the simplest work. Nevertheless, what seems like an easy job is actually very tricky to duplicate. The well-drawn skies can also add a unique touch to any kind of surroundings. Discover the art of drawing clouds […]


Learn How to Draw A Horse

By Alexander Becker One of the most popular subjects of peoples drawing is animals. Unfortunately, very few people can actually draw so most pictures drawn of animals such as horses, penguins and dragons look like absolute garbage. This is actually very ironic because many people could actually be half way decent at drawing if they […]


How to Draw People Cartoons Even If You Are a Beginner

By Dylan Vanland Learning how to draw people cartoons is always going to be challenging for new artists, but with practice and proper tips they can always succeed. The joy of creating cartoon drawings of people can be really overwhelming. The following tips can help you progress effectively as a drawing artist. The first thing […]


5 Drawing Tips For Beginners

By Tapan Sarkar Drawing things is a moderately easy skill and can be source of great fun. As a hobby it’s not too expensive either, one can get started with a pencil and notepad. And if budget permits one can use computers and drawing software. And this simplicity of the art form precisely makes drawing […]