Exporting Flash QuickTime Files for YouTube

In this tutorial I go over how to simply export a QuickTIme video from Flash to upload to YouTube.

Intro to ActionScript

Introduction to Flash ActionScript 2.0

Learn how to create a button, work with basic functions, link a button to a webpage, link a button to a frame, work with scenes and create a basic scene selection menu.  This tutorial is good if you are completely new to Actionscript.

How to Export Flash Files

How to Export Flash Files

Have you just completed your masterpiece but don’t know how to share it with the world?  This tutorial covers several different ways you can export your movies to be put on websites, uploaded to YouTube, and more!

Intro to Symbols

Introduction to Flash Symbols

Symbols allow the user to organize and animate the objects they draw or import into Flash.  It is important to understand what symbols do and how to use them.  This video tutorial goes over the three types of symbols: graphic, button and movie clip.

Basic Tweening

How to Tween in Flash

In this lesson I go over the three tweening functions of Flash CS4: Classic, Shape and Motion. Learn what each function does in this simple and easy to understand tutorial. In less than 30 minutes you will have the knowledge of how to animate objects in Flash!