Using a vCam in Adobe Flash

By using a vCam, you can easily simulate a camera without the added stress of moving individual assets around the Flash Stage. This tutorial shows where you can get a vCam and how to create some simple effects with it. Link to vCam: Software Required: Adobe Flash CS3 or later Skill Level: Intermediate Recorded By: […]


Custom Cursor Using Flash’s ActionScript 3.0

In this Flash lesson, I show you how to move a symbol around with your mouse using ActionScript 3.0. This tutorial is intended for beginners as I try to explain the ActionScript functions as well as go through the process at a slower speed.


Merge VS Object Drawing

In this simple Adobe Flash lesson I show you some basic differences between object and non-object (merge) drawing.


Frame by Frame Walking Animation

If you don’t have the Bone Tool (featured in Flash CS4 and CS5), then you may want to resort to frame by frame animation. This tutorial shows you how to move a character’s legs frame by frame. This tutorial is a bit more advanced and contains elements like symbols and keyframes. Be sure you know […]