Creating a Door Opening Animation in Adobe Flash

In this Adobe Flash lesson I show you two methods for creating a door opening animation. First, I use the Classic Tween method and lay down some keyframes while doing some minor re-sizing and re-positioning. Next, I use the 3D rotation tool, which is useful if you have Flash CS4 or CS5.


The Motion Editor in Adobe Flash

In this simple tutorial I show you how to use the Motion Editor in conjunction with Motion Tweening.

3D Transformation Tool

3D Transformation Tool in Adobe Flash

Want to make something look 3D?  The 3D Rotation and Translation Tool should suit your needs!  This FREE tutorial goes over the basics of this neat tool.


Using the Bone Tool in Adobe Flash CS4

If you’re a Flash animator like me, the inclusion of the Bone Tool is Flash CS4 is like a dream come true. While this tool can be used for a variety of things, it really comes in handy when doing character animations such as walking. But before I get too in depth with this, let’s […]

Motion Presets

Quick and Easy Animations with Flash’s Motion Presets

You don’t need to be an expert to animate simple stuff in Flash.  In this tutorial I go over how you can apply simple presets to your drawings and make them move in different ways.

Flash CS4 Bone Tool

The Flash CS4 Bone Tool

In this quick five minute tutorial, learn the basics of using the new Flash CS4 Bone Tool!