Setting up an Establishing Shot in Flash (Youtorial Demo)

In this Adobe Flash Youtorial demo, I demonstrate the beginning steps to setting up an establishing shot. Here we will draw out the planet to prepare it for our movie. In the final tutorial you will polish up the planet, animate the scene and add text. This video is only a preview of the full […]


Drawing an Alien World in Flash (Youtorial Demo)

As part of the Adobe Flash Cartoon Youtorial Series, you will learn to draw and create an alien world for our character to run through. This demo gives you a taste of what to expect from that. This video is only a preview of the full lesson. To see the lesson, gain access to project […]


Merge VS Object Drawing

In this simple Adobe Flash lesson I show you some basic differences between object and non-object (merge) drawing.


The New Flash CS5 Deco Tool

Create quick animations and graphics with ease! In this quick tutorial I go over some of the new additions to the Flash CS5 Deco Tool.


How to Create a Cartoon Environment in Flash

In this lesson I show you how to create an outside cartoon environment.


How to Smooth and Straighten Lines in Flash

In this simple tutorial I explain how to make your lines smooth or straight using Flash’s different pencil modes.


How to Draw a Cartoon Character in Adobe Flash

In this tutorial I go over my technique for drawing a cartoon character. This was once a premium tutorial that contained a sample file. Since I have now made this tutorial available for the public, that sample file is no longer available with this tutorial.