Converting to HTML5 with Flash CS6

With Flash CS6, and a small Adobe extension, you have the ability to convert Flash files to HTML5 for greater stability and reach. This lesson takes you through how to download the extension, set it up and export a file. HTML5 Extension:


What is HTML5?

By Jay Yaskiw You may have heard the term “HTML5″ mentioned once or twice and had no idea what people were talking about. However, you should know what this term means as it will be becoming more and more important in the coming years. Steve Jobs even recently said that HTML5 would replace Flash in […]


5 Misconceptions About HTML5

By David Tulip Ok, it’s time to clear up a few issues that have been bugging me recently. For some reason there seems to be a fairly significant backlash against the whole HTML5 standard, largely in the form of Adobe supporters. Now I really don’t subscribe to the whole Apple vs. Adobe debate, I think […]


Flash Vs HTML5 – A Developer’s Opinion

By Amy Leigh Parker Since 1996 when Macromedia purchased SmartSketch, and release “Flash” – it has literally revolutionised the way we use the internet. Some love it – Some hate it, but is the upcoming HTML5 standard be the end-of-the-line for Adobes most popular product. Reasons for Flash Flash allows developers to create rich internet […]