Saving and Reusing Assets with the Library in Anime Studio

In this lesson I demonstrate how to organize, save and reuse assets using the Library in Anime Studio. This is useful if you have large projects or plan on reusing assets for future cartoons.


Adding Text in Anime Studio

The text tool is useful for creating written on-screen dialog, credit sequences, environmental pieces and much more. The good thing is that it acts like every other vector graphic in Anime Studio, providing an easy way to animate and make changes.


Importing Tracing Images into Anime Studio

Anime Studio allows for easy tracing of images. This can be useful if you are referencing images from other programs or are using scanned drawings to recreate your work.


Drawing with the Add Point Tool in Anime Studio

There’s many different ways you can draw vector shapes in Anime Studio. The most useful tool is probably the Add Point tool. But if you’re used to a freehand style, it take a little bit of time to get used to. This tutorial was created to streamline your learning process.