Motion, Opacity and Time Effects in Premiere

In Premiere, by using the Effect Controls tab, we can adjust the size, position, opacity, speed and other attributes of a clip.  This video walks you through how to utilize these options, plus create keyframes for animated effects.


Exporting Animations in Anime Studio

Ready to share your Anime Studio work with the world? Learn how to export videos, image streams and Flash SWFs files in this easy to follow tutorial.


Exporting Glitch-Free Videos in Adobe Flash

It’s no secret that Adobe Flash can sometimes have a hard time exporting videos. This is especially true with complex or longer works. Audio can go off sync, frame rates can drop, videos can have weird glitches and so on. The technique in this tutorial will give you a gauranteed clean render. Just know you […]


Best Video Editing Software

By Thom Pryor How to find the best video editing software for the home system? Your home movies will benefit from using the best video editing software available. Artistic expression is amplified by the editing programs that you choose to use. It is my contention that the best video editing software is the the software […]