How to Update Your WordPress Profile

In this lesson I show you how to change your password and edit other aspects of your admin profile.



  1. YOGSCAST ruben says:

    hi will that happend to me give it 48 hours and it will eventuly work

  2. TheWillsgaming18 says:

    it doesn’t let me change my profile picture

  3. trident3b says:

    Email(required) at that very part I wanted to know how to change the email address since when I try to change it wordpress actually tells me “wrong address”!!! I want to enter another address in there and i can’t. I came to this video to see how to change it, and everything seems to be dealt with except the email address change, at which point you say “this you can do what you will” and skip straight to the website. I don’t know why this can’t be changed and you skip that. Can you help?

  4. killdeslm says:


  5. Mkilla126 says:


  6. Mkilla126 says:

    [..YouTube..] Second.

  7. NOVS12 says:


  8. NOVS12 says:

    [..YouTube..] First.

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